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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap ‘The Price’

Published on October 5th, 2015 | Updated on February 29th, 2016 | By FanFest

I know
I originally said that I’m a non-Swan
believer (mostly due to my acting
preferences), but I have to hand it
Jennifer Morrison who has been kicking butt playing the dark side of her

character. She’s so much more
relatable (if that’s even possible in her current
state) than she was ever
playing the savior. I kind of hope
this whole thing
changes her and once she does return to her former self
she’s still got a bit
more of an
edge to her. I mean, she’s sporting a black trench coach and almost
exterior that would even rival her
pal Elsa. Totally loving Morrison’s
frigid portrayal of the Dark

During this
we’re trying to piece together the missing six weeks in Camelot. How
did Emma
become dark? Why
can’t anyone remember what happened during that time? We need
answers! And
soon. One thing’s for sure, Dark
Swan has a plan and it involves
buying a lackluster house and for what? The
Evil Queen has a better decor
the new Dark One and she’s not even Evil anymore…

back to being cursed,
yeah, didn’t see that one coming.. again (sarcasm). Can
these writers please
come up with another reason to
punish the town of
Storybrooke than with another God awful curse? Guess not.
It’s starting to feel
a bit
like overkill. Let’s hope they have something monumental up their sleeves.

The one thing I will give them is
the new conditions of this curse… not only
does everyone not remember how
the eff they let Emma turn dark,
but if they try
to escape her new plan they turn into an apple tree. Guess
we have to put that
road trip
on hold. How do you like them apples? (Yep, I need to work on my
they’re so lame).

Percival is being shady as eff,
giving Regina a necklace to honor
her (in the past) for being the
savior. He
knows something’s up… luckily David reveals his plan to out them
and their true
reason for
being in Camelot and kills him. Damn David, you straight up murdered
dude. Not that I’m complaining– but
it’s interesting to see the lengths a
“hero” would go to protect his

The highlight of the episode for me was
a monster trying to swoop
in and take Robin away. I thought it was a nice touch,
to bring in a fury to
settle the score and make Robin
its bitch. Hell hath no
Fury like one who wants his pink shirt back. Wait,
wrong show. Okay, I’m being

harsh– but Robin is still not my favorite person in Storybrooke. Between
family drama and wavering
relationship with Regina– he just misses the spot for
me (which sucks
because who doesn’t love the tale of
Robin Hood?). Regina is
faced with more obstacles on the road to truly
embracing the savior inside her

and my heart just hurt for her. No matter how hard she tried, the
responsibility was a great
one and her insecurities shined through. I think I
need to make a stop in
Storybrooke and give her a “you’re
a bad bitch, well… not
bad per se but you’re ready to take on saving this
town, so get to it” speech.
turned Sneezy back into a real boy (after he was turned to stone alone with

Emma’s red leather jacket).
Welcome back Sneezy! And the jacket.

But really, what
happened in Camelot? Can we get
that trending… haha.
I guess it’s true, what happens in Camelot– stays in
Camelot. Another highlight
a budding love between Henry and Violet, this medieval maiden caught the eye

of the young prince and
accompanied him to a ball. Yazoo’s “Only You” was
playing and man, I love
that song. I felt like it fit
perfectly considering that
circumstances. Then, Emma has to do something
that puts her back on my

questionable list– she goes and saves Robin with her dark magic– damn you


I’ll say it until my face turns blue, I don’t care
who you ship
or don’t ship, you can’t deny the
chemistry between Regina and
Emma– even if it’s only on a friendship level.
Their relationship throughout

the season has been the most intricate thing to watch. I’m really digging
role-reversal, and although
I love bad Regina, it’s nice to see other people see
her as the good one.
Their like a yin and a yang, they
balance each other out
and realistically these two have more in common than
the viewers would like to

believe. I can’t wait to see this good/bad relationship develop and see if
two can bring each other
back from the brink of no return. Let’s hope!

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