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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: The Other Shoe

Published on October 10th, 2016 | Updated on October 16th, 2016 | By FanFest

Who would have thought that we would be seeing Cinderella’s past, in season 6, and it would be shady AF. But, boy is it welcomed. We all know the tale– evil stepmom, sinful stepsisters, slipper made of glass, fairy godmother and all that jazz… well… there’s a lot more to it…

There’s no such thing as Happily Ever After… and Cinderella is no exception. Much like the other stories on Once Upon A Time, good old Cindy is nothing but a fraud, a young girl scamming those around her (mind you, not on purpose… she was just vapid and excited and who could blame her), but her stepmother is still an evil beotch. Like really evil. Who would have thunk! I mean, are you surprised? When Rumple’s hand is in the pot– good things aren’t coming from it. Ever. The one thing that was weird to see was Cindy’s stepsister accusing her of using her… you know you royally screwed up, when the sassy sister feels betrayed.

Regina’s evil half is still up to no good. She’s bouncing from Jekyll’s lab and Hyde’s Victorian goth jail cell, and I’m just sitting here wishing that I had a piece of Regina’s noteworthy lasagna. Seriously, I’m hungry. Side note: I really love that Lana Parrilla gets so much more screen time… between Regina and The Evil Queen, I’m on Lana Overload and I ain’t complaining.

SO MUCH FAMILY DRAMA. Damn. I thought my family functions were messed up… I still can’t believe Zelena is clinking martinis (apple, keep in mind) with her dear old sis’ evil half… come on, we were all rooting for you, Z!

Jekyll joins forces with Dr. Frankenstein… okay, I might be here for that. It’s like science nerds unite! But, instead of coming up with cool, lab experiments, they’re dreaming up weird science that will undoubtedly lead to their own spell soon. Like, a really bad one. We all know about the curse that brought everyone to Storybrooke, God knows what’s up these guys sleeves now. The Land of Untold Stories is still a mystery to many of us, and whether or not we get to explore those stories… remains to be seen.

Emma finally gets a break from those pesky visions, but the much needed break from the scaries, doesn’t stop her from going to see her therapist. At least she’s keeping on top of things. I’m sure she’s frustrated that her magic is fading and she’s overreacting a bit, but wouldn’t you? Emma has never been stable, I’m sorry, I don’t think she has been… and her magic has never been “reliable.”


So many unanswered questions… why… why!???

Will Emma’s magic go poof, or will she finally get control over it?

Will Jekyll and Frankenstein finally make an experiment worth talking about?
Is James going to take the revenge route?

Rumple’s recorded tape… nope. Weird. Odd. Nope. Goo-goo for grosssss.

Can Regina embrace her evil side, without letting it consume her?

I was happy to see Cinderella’s infamous glass slipper was a powder-blue converse. Yassss my Kween… well, not yet 😉

Chemical cocktails for all!


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