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‘Once Upon a Time’ Recap: ‘Only You / An Untold Story’

Published on May 16th, 2016 | Updated on May 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

The Evil Queen is back! That’s all you really need to know about the two-hour season finale of Once Upon A Time.

See ya next season, Oncers. End of review.

Totally kidding, but really– how about that? Regina’s inner bad girl is no longer figuratively speaking. Yippee! There are going to be two Lana Parrilla’s running around Storybrooke and, man I’m excited. It only took them a whole season to realize their ratings would sky rocket if they brought back the Enchanted Forest’s baddest bitch. But we’ll forgive them for this storyline snafu later… Now that I’ve gotten completely ahead of myself… let’s rewind a little bit.

Robin Hood is still dead, boo, Hook is still alive, boo. And Regina is primed to go full on Evil Queen now that she’s lost yet another lover. Damn, this girl has worse luck with her love life than I do… and mine is pretty crap– so that’s saying something right there. Henry decided that hey, magic ain’t shit anymore and set out to get rid of it once and for all. The kid who has been the one pro-magic voice throughout this entire series up and switched teams. Damn. How you gonna do us like that, Henry? To be honest, I was just glad that OUAT was using Jared Gilmore, even if it was to be the destroyer of magic. Was it a teen hissy fit? A lost kid who just wanted his two moms to stop fighting, yes, he brought up the fact that magic would tear his parents apart, and he isn’t wrong. I stand by the statement that this show has been way more interesting, and pleasant to watch when it’s focused around the Swan-Mills family dynamic– and there were a whole lot of that during this finale.

Another interesting, but extremely welcome part of this finale was Emma codling Regina out of fear that her Evil Queen ways would come back to bite them all in the ass. With Robin gone, and Emma living her own twisted version of “happily ever after” with Hook… it wasn’t completely out of the question that Regina might relapse. But, she has come so far and it was kind of a crappy move on Emma’s part to just assumed this would make her abandon everything she worked so hard for.

This whole review is basically going to be about Henry making stupid decisions that don’t really make sense, and Regina. And I’m OK with that. The writers actually did something right  here, seeing Regina struggle between this darkness inside her and losing the people that she loves if she were to succumb to that other side of herself, was the best part of the finale. I really felt like she was struggling to overcome this great big obstacle within herself and it made for really great TV. The emotion that Parrilla brings to this character could be a show in itself. Being good is hard for her, it means she has to suffer the pain of losing everyone that she has– but she tried to stay strong. I love how honest she was about her battle, especially that that moment was with Emma. These two sure have come a long way since the pilot, haven’t they?

To keep with the theme of inner demons and evils, we got the introduction of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Although, the writers seem to think we are morons and had to turn the fairytale book to the page of their story. Like, come on guys– we get it! No need to hit us over the head with the book. But, I normally don’t like the introduction of new characters, since they can barely write well for the characters we already have… but, I think I’m down for this. Hank Harris and Sam Witver, play these two new characters, who were separated from each other thanks to a serum made by the one and only Dr. Jekyll. The same serum that Regina ends up using on herself at the end to kill the Evil Queen once and for all.

It seems that Hyde and Rumple have history. No surprise there. It seems Rumplestiltskin has crossed just about everyone… or made deals with them. Since Hyde snatched Belle in a box, he was able to make a deal with Rumple to bring him back to Storybrooke, which is where all the villainous things are going to take place next season.

Regina thought that she destroyed the Evil Queen, but turns out she’s very much alive… and pissed. Oh snap! Overall I really enjoyed this finale. I have been ragging on this show for the entire season and it might have taken a lot of eps to get me back on board, but I’m excited to see how next season unfolds. Regina vs. Regina. Let’s do this!


  • Can Hook die already?
  • When will SwanQueen become endgame? Probably like season 8…
  • Please give Jared Gilmore more to do!
  • Lastly, the Evil Queen is back and that’s all that I really care about. Viva la Queen.

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