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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: ‘Her Handsome Hero’

Published on April 11th, 2016 | Updated on April 11th, 2016 | By FanFest

Once Upon A Time has its
moments. It’s a solid show, but I
often feel
that having such an big ensemble, one that you don’t know what to
do with
cohesively can
become a tad bit problematic in the long run. This week’s episode
“Her Handsome Hero” (gag me with
that title, y’all) touched upon many
facets of the
Once Upon A

Time, I both love and hate.

We’ve steered clear from last
week’s development and have Emma
at the forefront this time
around. She has a
vision in one of her dreams, in which Snow White gets
killed. Talk about being
bearer of bad news– like, what does this even mean? Is it a subconscious

thing or a premonition of sorts?
Turns out they take dreams pretty seriously
when you’re a magical being in
the Underworld and Emma, Hook and
Snow are on a
mission to stop Emma’s dream from becoming a reality. I mean,
at this point,
does it even
matter if they live or die? Snow will just end up back in the
dead or alive. Ha. I joke. But
really, let’s do something more with
the Charming’s, K thanks.

Meanwhile we have sisterly love transpiring between Regina and Zelena,
by sisterly love I mean
not even close to that. You have Regina trying to talk
Zelena into giving up
Hades’ weakness. Which, come on,
we know what his weakness
is: Zelena. Ding ding ding. Hades attempts to make
a deal with Belle, that puts

this week’s visitor, Gaston in the River of Lost Souls… or Rumplestiltskin.
also get to see a glimpse
into Belle’s past, before she was locked up with the
beast and where she
subsequently fell in love with said
beast. We see Belle’s
first day with Gaston. And I guess I didn’t completely
hate it. I just, am still

not on board with Belle as a whole– I just think she’s missing something.

This episode had the varying sides
of OUAT. And
when I say varying, I mean the good,
the bad and the downright
insane portion of this world that we’ve been
living in for the last 5 seasons. I

think it’s a good thing, I mean, the show has drama and serious elements but
still believe that it
doesn’t take itself too seriously which is why I continue
to watch the show
despite it’s complete lack of
direction the last season or

What I continue to dislike

about this show is Belle and Rumple struggling between the good and evil in

their relationship. She wants
to do the right thing but at the same time, her
conscience is getting a
little ridiculous. In the end Belle
turned out to be the
one who pushed Gaston in the river. Which, was
unexpected and actually showcased
best of the worst part of the show. If that makes any sense.

The Gaston story was definitely
the best part of the episode, which is
a problem that OUAT seems to
have. The
guest stars are more entertaining and compelling than its series
regulars. You
really have to
get your shit in order, ABC. Please. For the love of the Evil
cleavage. Save this show. Too bad Belle
didn’t have affection for
Gaston. His true colors finally showed through
this compelling story in our

favorite flashbacks. Ha.


remainder of the episode was
mediocre at best, the heroes were around… trying to
stop Hades. Like, that’s
still a thing? Ugh. And guess
what… RUBY IS BACK! And
she’s in the Underworld. Does this mean she’s bit
the dust? Is she brought into

this world by some other means… I need to know, this character has been MIA
so long– and this cliff-
hanger is stressing me out. Big time. But in an excited

really do hope that OUAT
can continue to try and break through this rocky
backstory situation it has

going on. Because I really do like the show, it’s just Struggle City right
I need closure and I need
things to finally follow through. Overall… Hades’ blue
fire hair needs to
stop. Okay, thanks. Bye!


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