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Official ‘Walking Dead’ Twitter has Cryptic Message for Fans

Published on July 2nd, 2018 | Updated on July 2nd, 2018 | By FanFest

Earlier on Monday, fans of The Walking Dead scrolled through their news feed to see a somewhat cryptic tweet sent out by the official Twitter account for The Walking Dead.

The tweet, which has now garnered many confused responses and retweets, reads the following:

This cryptic message could just be a piece of advice to those who are always met with news from every direction. It could also be related to Skybound’s The Walking Dead comics. For those who keep up with the books the next comic will release this month and it’s titled “Together Strong”-kind of the opposite of the current state of affairs on the series.

In the comic, Rick is about to visit Alexandria with The Commonwealth to try and join forces despite their differences. He walks with Pamela Milton and they speak of a new character called Pete. Everything seems kosher in the panels we preview, even Michonne, who is speaking with Elodie about Lance Hornsby about something important. What that is, we don’t yet know.

Lastly, we see Carl who meets Joshua, originally found by Jesus when he was a Whisperer. Carl and Joshua are the same age, but their families have some dark history.

With the comics seeming to take the track where Carl survives, and all the recent episode shakeups, perhaps people believe that Rick may be next to die in the comics.

Andrew Lincoln is confirmed to exit The Walking Dead, but even with the confirmed news, some fans still stand their ground and genuinely don’t believe it’s true. Others believe it, but are throwing out all sorts of different theories of how he will die, or whether Rick will walk off into the sunset, open for a future return.

So, did The Walking Dead‘s tweet mean that we should take all the Walking Dead news with a grain of salt? Most likely.

The key is, which news shouldn’t we believe? What do you think they meant by their cryptic message?


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