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NYCC ‘The Walking Dead’ Panel Highlights: Andrew Lincoln Watches his First Episode and More

Published on October 7th, 2018 | Updated on October 8th, 2018 | By FanFest

Saturday night was perhaps the biggest night of New York Comic Con. It’s the night when each year, fans gather round pretty much the entire cast and writers/producers of The Walking Dead.

Usually, Madison Square Garden is turned into a party full of thousands of people for the occasion. This year was perhaps the biggest panels they’ve ever done because it was Andrew Lincoln’s last.

Many cast members wore Rick Grimes’ signature Sheriff hat out on stage, which added to the emotions.

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Andrew was a big focal point of the panel, and during it we learned that he actually just watched an episode of the series for the first time. He has said over the years that he never watches himself on screen, and reiterated that on the panel again.

“I’m kind of allergic to my face,” he said. Aren’t we all, Andy? Aren’t we all?

During the panel, they aired a clip of the Rick and Daryl “you’re my brother” scene, and Andy refused to watch. He put his head down and his fingers in his ears. The sweetest part though was that he and Norman hugged several times while it aired.

The two spoke about their ongoing prank wars as well. Norman confirmed that he has won, no matter what happens. His pranks were always just one step up.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan commented on Andrew’s exit at one point, saying: “You took my best friend, dammit.”

Another highlight from the panel was Angela Kang confirming that a few old characters are returning! Hershel, Shane and Sasha will appear this season. That news came at a tender time for the Walking Dead fanbase, as Hershel actor Scott Wilson passed away earlier on Saturday-unbeknownst to the cast while on the panel.

Robert Kirkman also broke some exciting news in the video game realm. He confirmed that Skybound games would be saving The Walking Dead Game’s Final Episodes, which were doomed when Telltale Games shut its doors in September, laying off over 200 employees.

Now, Skybound will be producing the final episodes, and they are going to try and keep the team that knows the game best to work on it.

A young Carl dressed as an Angel was invited on stage to give Andy a hug. He carried a sign that read, “See you soon, dad. (maybe)”

The panel closed out with monstrous applause for Andy, and he expressed how much of a ride its been.

“I’ve loved every minute of it.” He said.

Well Andy, we have too.


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