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Now Raven’s In Fortnite Too?

Fortnite has literally taken over pretty much everything. You can’t go anywhere without getting Fortnite shoved in your face. I’m not even a fan of the stupid game, but I’ve at least played it a couple of times. I don’t play it often, mostly because I don’t care but I dust it off once in a while. When do I dust it off I hear you ask? Well, whenever there’s a DC skin introduced in the game. I missed the first few because I honestly had never heard of them. Now I know a little more. I picked up The Joker and Ivy when they released around the released of the PS5. I grabbed the Flash a few weeks ago. Now Raven’s in Fortnite too? Man, what the heck!? I’m sick of these Fortnite skins but also, lowkey, I kinda love them.

Not only is Raven in Fornite now, but you can also get different skins for her. That’s right, there’s more than one. There are actually three! You can have her Rebirth costume! You’ll have to get to Level 77 on the Battle Pass to get it though. The second one, a more traditional Raven one, is unlocked at Level 85. The final one, which is Raven’s civilian outfit, is unlocked by completing some challenges.

Yes, to get Raven you will have to purchase the Battle Pass, which is kind of unfortunate but I suppose I understand. I just wish I had the option to purchase Raven as a stand-alone skin. See, I want her… but I don’t want to play Fortnite. Am I going to do it? Probably. Am I going to hate every second of it? Yeah. But I’ll also be relieved I have the skin.

What about you guys though? Are you hardcore Fortnite players? How do you feel now that Raven’s in Fortnite?


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