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Norman Reedus Talks ‘Socks’ and the Smithsonian on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Published on October 26th, 2017 | Updated on October 26th, 2017 | By FanFest

Fans of Norman Reedus were in for a treat on Monday if they tuned into Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night talk show. Not only did Norman look awesome – when does he not –

It was one of those scripts you get where everybody’s like don’t do it. It was a stretch, it was out there, and I saw a guy looking for his family and that’s the real story.

When he went to the exhibit he tried to touch the crossbow and they made him put on white gloves first. He laughed because it was his crossbow, but once they turned the items over, it no longer belonged to Norman (or Daryl) it belongs to the museum now.

When a friend told him that his dad would be very proud of him, he realized how big of a deal it really was. Also, that it was a bit intimidating but that it was incredible to be part of something so special. It was just as awesome to see the other pop culture icons that are preserved in the museum. He even got to choose where his crossbow sits in the exhibit.

While that’s quite an honor, Norman said there’s one more that stands out to him. What could be cooler than having your props in the National Museum of American History? A shark, of course.

The shark is named Dary Dixon and you can find him at the Cooney Island Aquarium. He’s got slashes on his face and he’s got one tooth. Norman is insanely proud – that’s his coolest honor to date.

Jimmy went on to ask Norman about season 7 of The Walking Dead and spending so much time tortured and naked. Jimmy said he knew it wasn’t real but asked if it was miserable.

Norman sort of giggled and shot him a look before saying, ‘It was real’. He went on to explain everything from ‘the sock’ to everyone on set, including those who had to get those…close up shots of him being tortured.

He said that honestly, it felt more awkward with the sock on. He showed up to set and dropped his robe, no sock on, and it was what it was.

It was kind of like they were watching Wimbledon, they all kind of looked to the left.

He mentioned his make up artist, who had to ‘dirty him’ and said they got pretty close that day. In fact, her and the close-up camera guy just…knew Norman better after those takes. He could laugh at the situation, and we’re sure they did too. Plus, as impossible as those scenes were to watch, it was a critical part of the series and Daryl’s character build.

The Walking Dead is back on AMC now and you can catch the series every Sunay at 9 pm.



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