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Norman Reedus Recalls First ‘The Walking Dead’ Scene with Melissa McBride

Published on October 5th, 2017 | Updated on October 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

The premiere of the 100th episode and season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead is just a little over 17 days away and we’re still getting some incredible interviews from the cast and crew. The season 8 premiere is a huge moment for the series and the 100th episode is just as special, if not more so. It’s a celebration of all that’s been built so far, and everything that’s still to come.

Most recently, Norman Reedus reflected upon his first scene with Melissa McBride and how it was the beginning of their incredible friendship. The pair had a genuine connection from the moment they met and it’s only grown into one of our favorite friendships in the show’s history.

‘Melissa is a Norman favorite. I remember my first scene with her, I have to hand her the pick ax and she has to kill her husband with it and I liked her right off the bat.’

Norman also spoke about their dynamic in that first scene together and how it’s only grown along with the series.

‘Kinda like two little kids in grade school, I kept going and getting more brains and blood and giving her a bloodier and brainier pick ax every time to the point where she just yanked them from me. We kind of read each other right from the get-go. Melissa McBride and I have very similar taste with regards to how scenes should look and how lines should be said and tone and so forth. She’s the first, probably the first, person I talked to after I watched an episode and compared notes.’

He went on to say that sometimes Andy (Lincoln) will call him freaking out and he just goes and calls Melissa. They keep each other grounded.

He also says that, in terms of growth, he’s enjoyed seeing Carol transform in the series but as far as Melissa goes, she’s always been tough.

‘I mean she’s come so far. It’s not like I can even say she’s come so far as an actress because she’s been kick-ass since day one but it’s interesting to watch her character doing all these different things but I do know that when I have scenes with her it’s like lightning hit ground and it’s always good.’

When it comes to the cast of The Walking Dead, part of what makes them so strong and makes the series so unique is the way they’re so compassionate towards one another and that the friendships they’ve built have brought them so close together. The Walking Dead family isn’t just the fans across the world, it’s all of us together, and we feel grateful to be part of it.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on October 22nd.


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