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Norman Reedus Appears in the Most ‘The Walking Dead’ Episodes

Published on March 12th, 2019 | Updated on March 12th, 2019 | By FanFest

When most people think of The Walking Dead the character of Rick is the first character who comes to mind. Naturally when it comes to the character who appears the most in the series one would assume that belongs to the show’s main character. However, with Andrew Lincoln’s departure in November’s episode ‘What Comes After’, there’s a new ruler. If there’s a new king in need of crowning the only option for most fans is Norman Reedus.  Reedus’s number of appearances has officially surpassed Lincoln’s 103 appearances by his latest appearance on our favorite televised zombie show.

‘Chokepoint’ marks the 104th appearance of fan favorite Daryl Dixon. Despite the fact the show bills Reedus first now, the actor still does not consider him a lead on the show. In his mind, Lincoln will always be the reason that The Walking Dead has become the success it is and therefore no one will ever able to take over his mantle. The show seems to be taking the same route considering that various leaders are focused upon instead of merely one. Despite feeling that the show needed a new leader, the various communities are currently led by many leaders because Reedus is right. There’s no replacing Lincoln.

As learned from The IMDB Show, Reedus, “immediately called everybody and I was like, ‘Look, I don’t want Andy’s speeches, I don’t want Rick Grimes’ [speeches].’ Daryl’s not the type of character that’s gonna build a soapbox and say, ‘Gather around, let me give you an inspirational speech.’ He’s gonna be like, ‘I trust you, I don’t really trust you, I don’t care what happens to you,’ he’s gonna pick his people. I was like, ‘Don’t give me those.’ Because I’m not that guy and it would be a disservice to the fans of the show and what we’ve done so far to make me put on his boots.”

Daryl Dixon first appeared in the third episode of The Walking Dead’s premiere season and assumed he would merely be on an episode or two. Thankfully for fans, the show believed in his abilities to create what has become now an iconic television character. Although no passing of the baton occurred, many characters who look to Daryl as an overall leader. He knows the most pf the groups after all.  While he considers the character less of a leader, even with few words Daryl encompasses those abilities with or without soapbox rants. Everyone leads differently.

Regardless of what Reedus believed or not, the truth is fans have connected with Daryl over the years because he does not shoot around the bush.  Bluntness in the apocalypse is far more important than someone who is willing to wait around for something to happen.  Daryl has always wanted to move forward even during the times he was unsure how to do so.  We’ve seen this character survive many challenges and endure over the past nine seasons and something tells me we will see him endure for the duration of the show.

Tune into Reedus’s 105th appearance on The Walking Dead this Sunday at 9/8c on AMC.


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