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Norman Reedus Misses Danai Gurira On Set All The Time

Published on October 5th, 2019 | Updated on October 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Earlier this year during San Diego’s Comic-Con, Danai Gurira confirmed her departure from the beloved fan-favorite Michonne on The Walking Dead. Every time a cast member of The Walking Dead leaves it’s harder on the fans. Just imagine how hard it must be for the castmates though who have worked years alongside this person. Over the past couple of years with the departures from Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, and Lauren Cohan, one castmate from the beginning continues to say goodbye. Norman Reedus.

Reedus has made it known each time a cast member leaves how he feels about the situation. There are never any hard feelings, but he misses them dearly. Danai Gurira is no different as she finished up her episodes this summer. Recently EW mentioned this to Reedus how that last day was with Gurira on set. He admitted the following to EW:

Yeah, it was really sad for me. I had become so close to Danai and I just adore her. She’s somebody that always shows up at and brings the noise every single time she’s on camera and she’s become a really good friend, a partner. I get it though, she has other things that she wants to do. Her dream is she’ll run a show. That’s what her dream’s been for a while, and now’s her time to do it.

I can’t be mad at her like I can’t be mad at [Andrew Lincoln] to want to be with his kids. You can’t be mad at him if he missed them endlessly. Her last day, we had some fireworks and gave her a send-off. We miss Danai. She’s such a strong part of our cast and such a valuable member of our family and so I miss her all the time.

The character of Michonne first appeared in season three of the hit AMC show. She immediately becoming a favorite that season between her pets and her attitude. The idea of the show going on without her is devastating for fans. Since Andrew Lincoln’s departure, Michonne has become the clear leader of Alexandria. Tension occurred last season at times because of her desire to keep her people safe after Rick’s disappearance. Eventually she realized each community needs one another. The reason they have gotten this far is that they have all worked so well together. Their friendships has helped them last so long in this apocalyptic world.  The friendships have also helped them in rebuilding this world into one they remember.  A world future generations can thrive in.

With bonds such as those, it is only natural for cast-mates to form a bond as well. Norman Reedus will no longer be alone next season. Season eleven fans will see what a Michonne-less season of The Walking Dead will be like for the fans.

Join us for Michonne’s final season as The Walking Dead premieres tomorrow at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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