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Norman Reedus joins Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

Published on October 13th, 2016 | Updated on October 13th, 2016 | By FanFest

Ahead of the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon for a short chat that was just enough to hold fans over until October 23rd. He walked out wearing all black looking excited to be on the show as Jimmy congratulated him on all the work he’s been doing.

Jimmy started off by asking Norman about zombies and if he’s immune to the fear and eerie feeling that usually comes along with the undead as he’s worked alongside them for so long.

Jimmy: “I have a question because I just got scared earlier from this haunted house. Working with all the zombies and stuff like that, are you now just like numb to it? Like oh hey what’s up Larry?  Hi, Hey Denise”.
Norman: “You’ll look over and they’ll be eating Cheetos or something, so it’s not too scary. I have to give them credit though because when they’re playing the zombies it’s the lost sort of person behind them that makes it scary”.

Norman says people ask him all day long, everyone from cops to TSA, who died, who lives, who survives and that it’s hard to keep information from “people who could throw him in jail”.  While he obviously could give no spoilers away, he did confirm that the death will be intense and pretty much hated by fans of the show.

“I imagine a lot of people will be kicking their television sets, it’s heavy; it’s really really heavy.”

He also mentioned his restaurant, Nic and Norman’s which is a southern comfort food type place in Georgia that has us dying to check it out.

Norman and Jimmy spoke about Ride with Norman Reedus and he gave a rundown about how he visits different people in different cities, meeting custom bike builders, and having an extremely good time.  The pair then put on motorcycle helmets so Jimmy could finally understand what it would be like to go on a motorcycle ride with Norman. They used Jimmy’s sofa as stand in bikes as they straddled the couch and assumed their riding positions.  Norman talked about taking selfies as he rides and he told Jimmy to make sure he doesn’t chew gum or spit with a full face helmet on.

The two stayed very close as the interview continued, leaving the audience and everyone watching at home in stitches. Jimmy held on tight as Norman said he likes to take it a little rough on the bike and he likes to listen to The Pretenders as he rides which obviously meant the duo rocked out to “I’ll Stand by You”.

While the segment was short, it was awesome to see Norman out of his apocalypse survival mode and unharmed on the television screen, as we’ll soon be seeing a fragile Daryl fearing Negan’s wrath.

The Walking Dead season 7 premieres on AMC October 23rd at 9 pm and if you’re looking to see more Norman, you’re in luck – the network will have a marathon on in the days before the new episode.

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