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Nintendo Direct Surprises Viewers With Unexpected Pokemon Titles

Published on June 6th, 2017 | Updated on August 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

Yesterday, we got some exciting news on there being a special Pokemon themed episode of Nintendo Direct. With E3 just weeks away, what would be announced? Would we FINALLY get the Generation 4 remakes we’ve been hoping for? Would we get a Nintendo Switch port of Pokemon Sun and Moon titled Pokemon Stars? With so many teasers and hints at both, it had to be one right…. right?

Well no, this Nintendo Direct was extremely hit or miss with a lot of the fan base feeling unenthusiastic. In fact, considering the extent to which Pokemon Stars was being teased even by the brand itself, this press briefing seemed almost like it was trolling a lot of players. So let’s look at what was announced and what’s exciting – and upsetting – about each.

Pokken Tournament DX:

The first piece of news was that the Pokemon fighting game (Pokken Tournament) will receive a Nintendo Switch port and slight upgrade. In the original game, there were up to 16 playable character, but Pokken Tournament DX will receive 5 new characters (Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunt and Decidueye). Additionally, the game will allow 3 v 3 team battles and ranked play. More details and a playable demo will be available at E3 and it is scheduled to be released September 22nd.

Though as fun as this news is, it is nowhere near what fans were expecting. There had been “leaks” and hints for months now that there would be a Pokemon Sun and Moon port for the Switch titled Pokemon Stars. So it looks like fans will have to keep waiting for a console core Pokemon game. As for what we knew as ‘Pokemon Stars’, that was apparently something else.

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon:

Despite not even being out a year yet, Pokemon Sun and Moon have already received a reboot of sorts. Not much is known about Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon yet, but we know it’ll be an “alternate telling” of Sun & Moon and will feature some Legendary fusions similar to Pokemon Black & White 2 as we see the title Legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala fused with the mysterious Necrozma. Even though Necrozma isn’t referred to as an “Ultra Beast”, it seems as though these titles will focus more heavily on those beings – hence “Ultra” in both titles. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released November 17th

Again, this is exciting news but fans were hoping a Sun and Moon style game would come to the Switch. If any game deserved a 3DS remark/ sequel, there’s a long list starting with Pokemon Z and of course the remakes of Diamond and Pearl. Having these all passed over yet again, seems to confirm Pokemon fans’ biggest fear that they will never be released. Worse still is that these two “Ultra” titles aren’t actually a sequel or take place “after the events” of Sun & Moon. They’re more like a rewrite. It’s almost as though Sun & Moon were glorified Beta versions – which makes sense considering the many unused areas of the game.

3DS Port of Pokemon Gold & Silver:

Continuing with last year’s tradition, the original Pokemon Gold and Silver will get a port for the 3DS. Considering Gen 2 was my favorite Generation – and Pokemon Red on 3DS was the first time I “caught them all” – I loved this reveal. The music, the story, the TWO regions to explore! There’s a reason this is hailed as the best of the series and one of (if not) the best sequels in history. Additionally, this game will be compatible with the Pokemon Bank and will be released with Pokken Tournament on September 22nd.

Though like with the other reveals, there is a downside with this news. Unlike last year’s port which featured Red, Blue and Yellow, this time around only Gold and Silver are being made available – not Pokemon Crystal. Like most 3rd games in a generation, Pokemon Crystal featured some new story elements so it’s disappointing to see it not join Gold and Silver with the 3DS availability.

But what did you all think? Were you expecting something else? Did you love these reveals? Which one do you think you’ll get? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates on Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon!


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