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Ninja Visits Kevin Hart’s Series: ‘Cold As Balls’

Published on December 11th, 2019 | Updated on December 11th, 2019 | By FanFest

Esports gaming legend Ninja visit’s Kevin Hart’s show, Cold As Balls, and braves the cold tub and gives Kevin Hart the story of how he became the first American Esports superstar.

Ninja also discussed playing with Drake in Fortnite and how being amazing at video games is actually a good source of income. Ninja also tries to impress Kevin with his trash talking and Kevin gives Ninja his own examples of trash talking too.

Ninja is the most famous streamer in the world and has over 14 million subscribers.

Cold as Balls is an interview show on YouTube’s Laugh Out Loud Network hosted by Kevin Hart. Previous guests on the show have included Erin Andrews, Dennis Rodman, Chris Paul, and Mark Cuban.

The premise of the show is an uncomfortable interview while both the guest and Hart are in an ice-bath.  Kevin Hart takes the plunge with the hottest names in sports on Cold as Balls Season 3. The show’s website states, “Get into the icy waters of the post-game cold tub for the coldest interview in sports.”

What do you think of Hart’s interview of Ninja? Did you learn anything new about the streamer or did you just pick up a couple of Hart’s new trash-talking catchphrases to use in your own games?

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