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‘Night School’: A study in comedy from Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish

Published on April 3rd, 2018 | Updated on April 3rd, 2018 | By FanFest

Kevin Hart’s new comedy Night School with rising star Tiffany Haddish arrives on September 28th. Check out the hilarious trailer!

Kevin Hart plays an already accomplished salesman that missed graduating high school by a few credits. What happens when new employment opportunities require a high school degree? That’s right, it’s time to look into “night school” for a GED program.

The “Joe’s BBQ City” salesman of the month after month ends up back at his old high school for a GED course taught by a no-nonsense teacher played by Tiffany Haddish. Let the battle of wits begin. The confrontations between these two in the trailer are quite amusing. While teacher and student butt heads in hilarious fashion, one cannot deny that a few sparks are flying as well. The matter of a fiancee may create some problems, however.

Taran Killam takes a memorable turn as the school’s principal who has a penchant for speaking with a “black voice” as Kevin Hart’s character points out.

The production is also a reunion of sorts. The film is co-produced by Kevin Hart and Will Packer. The pair have successfully teamed up before on hot projects like Ride Along. Haddish also worked with the movie’s director Malcolm D. Lee previously on Girls Trip.

Do your homework and be on the lookout for more from Night School, which premieres this fall on September 28th. There may only be a few credits at stake, but it looks like the laughs will pile up fast!


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