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Nicole Kidman Asked Tom Cruise Question and Then Blasts Reporter

Published on December 31st, 2021 | Updated on December 31st, 2021 | By FanFest

Nicole Kidman has received a lot of acclaim for her performance as American actress Lucille Ball in the recently-released biopic Being the Ricardos, but getting this part and bringing it to life has not been an easy ride.

When Aaron Sorkin, who also wrote the script, originally announced Kidman for the part, social media went ablaze with debate and outrage, with many people expressing concern over the resemblance between the actress and the classic comedy starlet.

Despite the film’s mixed critical reception thus far, Nicole is dispelling all of her critics.

In reality, she’s already been nominated for the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in the Best Actress category, so finding a significant number of movie stars to match would be difficult.

Kidman recently spoke with The Guardian about the character of Lucille, and what it was like to depict her life with actor Desi Arnaz (played by Javier Bardem.) When she explained how you’d fall in love with someone, “who isn’t going to be the person you spend the rest of your life with”, the interviewer couldn’t help but ask if she was referring to her marriage to Tom Cruise. Nicole got very upset and responded:

“Oh, my God, no, no. Absolutely not. No. I mean, that’s, honestly, so long ago that that isn’t in this equation. So, no. And I would ask not to be pigeonholed that way, either. It feels to me almost sexist because I’m not sure anyone would say that to a man. And at some point, you go, ‘Give me my life. In its own right’.”

Despite the fact that she has been happily married to country musician Keith Urban for a long time, it appears that her former engagement to Tom Cruise, which lasted from 1990 to 2001, is still a topic of discussion. Frankly, it’s been over two decades; therefore, we can’t blame her for her response being perfectly acceptable.

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About Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is an Australian actress and film producer. She has been nominated for multiple awards, including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, three BAFTA Awards, four Emmy Awards and six Golden Globe nominations. In 2002 she became the only woman to be both the lead actress and the lead producer of a major Hollywood studio film. Her films have grossed more than $2 billion in North America alone with total worldwide grosses reaching over $3 billion; making her one of the highest-grossing movie stars in recent years.

Nicole was born on June 20th 1967 in Honolulu Hawaii to Janelle Ann (née Glenny) and Antony David Kidman who had emigrated from Australia’s capital city at Canberra just two years earlier. Her parents were both with the Australian opera, and her father was a New Zealander of part Irish descent.

During Kidman’s childhood in Australia she had to take acting lessons over the weekend to pursue her talents since there weren’t any acting schools in her home town. She would later go on to be one of Australia’s highest-paid actresses.

Nicole made her debut in the Australian drama film Bush Christmas. She would go on to have small roles in BMX Bandits, for which she won a three-year award at the Australian Film Institute Awards, and Square Dance before taking on larger roles in Windrider, Emerald City and Coke commercials.

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