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Nicolas Cage Says “I Don’t Need to be Part of the MCU, After All I Am Nic Cage”

With a moniker inspired by Marvel comics, one would imagine Nicolas Cage’s dream is to star in a blockbuster superhero movie. However, the Academy Award-winning actor has made it clear that he wishes to remain distant from such roles. Recently, when accepting the Legend and Groundbreaker award at the Miami Film Festival, Nic Cage boldly declared that he doesn’t need to be in MCU because – as everyone knows – “I’m Nic Cage”!

Although images of Cage donning the iconic Superman costume can be found online, his participation in the long-awaited DC film Superman Lives ultimately never came to fruition.

During his address, Cage made it clear that he would never disparage Marvel movies due to the unique bond he has with them. He empathizes with those who are vexed by the current state of superhero films.

As a tribute to the creators of Marvel comics, I give nothing but praise for their films – seeing as my name originates from an iconic character created by Stan Lee himself; Luke Cage. How can I possibly reject the wonders of Marvel movies? Stan Lee is like a father figure to me. He bestowed upon me the name “Cage”, and I truly appreciate his trust in my abilities despite any difficulty he may have had with it. I can relate to anyone who experiences disappointment due to trying times -I understand what that feels like. I’m delighted to find that there’s plenty of space for every kind of moviegoer. We’re now seeing movies like Tár, as well as various independent and art-driven films. It proves that the market is diverse enough for everyone to enjoy a good flick!

Nicolas Kim Coppola, the nephew of legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, chose to pay homage to the Marvel character Luke Cage by changing his name officially to Nicolas Cage.

Cage walked away with an Oscar in 1995 for his role in the critically acclaimed Leaving Las Vegas, despite never receiving payment. He then appeared as a leading actor across several blockbuster films such as National Treasure and The Rock, along with box office hits like Face/Off. Our next glimpse of him will be when he stars as Dracula in Renfield – keep your eyes peeled!

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