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Stargirl: Nick Tarabay, Eclipso, Is Finished Filming Season 2 And Shares BTS Look!

Published on April 12th, 2021 | Updated on April 12th, 2021 | By FanFest

Stargirl was a surprise hit on DC Universe. I’m not surprised that it was good, I think fans were more surprised over what the show was like. It was a far cry from the rest of the DC Universe originals which have now shifted over to HBO Max. See, most DC shows, and films even, have a reputation for being extremely dark and brooding. That includes film featuring characters that shouldn’t be dark and brooding. Like Superman in Man Of Steel. Like it or hate it there’s no denying that’s just how DC properties tend to go. Stargirl was the complete opposite though. It was colorful and happy, and hopeful. Sure, it still had some darkness but I just mean the overall tone wasn’t so severe. Now, Nick Tarabay, Eclipso, is finished filming season 2. He also took the opportunity to share a look at himself in costume! As well as his gloves! I’ll leave that right below and you should check it out!

We already knew Eclipso was going to be a villain this season since it was teased at the end of the previous one. A character in Stargirl found the crystal that Eclipso is trapped in. I honestly don’t know too much about Eclipso, but I’m excited to learn. As a comic fan, it’s always nice when something I’m not familiar with is adapted. Still, it looks like Eclipso is all done for now, which begs the questions as to how close Stargirl season 2 is from being done filming as a whole. Nick Tarabay Eclipso is finished filming

“It’s such a different, darker, scarier threat because the threat is… Cindy is one thing, and she’s got the Black Diamond and were obviously going to explore that. “But the thing inside is, this entity that’s trapped, this ancient being that feeds off humanity’s own sins and grief and fear and darkness is trapped in this Black Diamond and has been there for a long, long time and is aching to do what he does and feed off the darkness within humanity” Geoff Johns, showrunner and creator of Stargirl said at New York City Comic-Con. “It’s going to take a lot to confront it, and it’s going to take the JSA and every one of our wonderful characters to a place that’s going to be tough for them to explore. So, I’m excited about it, but Eclipso is one of my very favorite villains from the comic books. In the comic books, he’s had a history with Wildcat and Dr. Mid-Nite and the JSA too, but we’ll see!”

Stargirl should be back on The CW later this year.

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