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Nick Offerman Demolishes Hateful Viewers of Gay Storyline on ‘Last Of Us’

Published on February 4th, 2023 | Updated on February 4th, 2023 | By FanFest

Nick Offerman won’t take any of your foolishness. With a quote tweet, the Parks & Rec actor made it clear that he stands with those who choose to tell LGBT stories with understanding and sympathy following last week’s episode of The Last of Us.

Offerman quote tweeted a passage from Deuteronomy forbidding men from wearing “women’s garments” and vice versa. His reply was that people who hold viewpoints like the original poster and their “brand of ignorance and hate” were “exactly why we make stories like” the latest episode of the dystopian sci-fi series The Last of Us, currently streaming on HBO Max.

Viewers are raving about the episode, “Long Long Time,” in which Offerman stars as Bill, one-half of a gay couple. The installment follows Bill and Frank (played by Emmy Award winner Murray Bartlett) as they fall madly in love against the backdrop of a Cordyceps infection sweeping across humanity to devastating effect. Critics have noted that it is on track to be among 2023’s top episodes: TV Guide even declared it so!


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Unfortunately, the episode has been met with an abundance of homophobia since its release. In particular, gamers have reacted negatively to Bill’s sexuality being addressed in the game and many are outraged by the depiction of a sixteen-year relationship between two men. Sadly, some have even gone as far as launch a review bombing campaign on IMDb in order to lower ratings for this episode – which is both pathetic and unacceptable.

If the review bombers are looking for a supporter in Offerman, they will have to look elsewhere. Offerman has a long history of standing up and defending LGBT rights; while discussing Indiana’s 2015 bill which allowed businesses to discriminate against gay customers, he gave his opinion on what his iconic character Ron Swanson would make of it., saying, “he thinks the government should stay the hell out of people’s lives and bedrooms, and any law that purports to take a stance on people’s private choices — and make no mistake, that is what this bill is doing — is a piece of sh*t bill.”

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