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Niall Horan Releases ‘Slow Hands’ Lyric Video

Published on May 15th, 2017 | Updated on May 15th, 2017 | By FanFest

Niall Horan is the first member of One Direction to officially release a solo project. His debut song, ‘This Town’, went to number 1 and fans fell in love with the tune immediately. It was the perfect song for his solo debut and he was incredibly proud of the work that went into making it. After the song’s debut he spent some time in the studio recording his debut solo album, went home to visit friends and family, and now he’s back in the game with a busy schedule and yet another solo single.

This time, the song is called ‘Slow Hands’ and it’s a tune. It’s got sultry lyrics and a funky guitar sound and it’s an overall fun sound.  It was an immediate hit with fans as well, but it also drew in a different crowd as well. He’s been performing the song at radio shows around the US and is gearing up for a tour of his own after the release of his debut album.

All of that has led to a lot of studio time for Niall, and that led to one of our favorite lyric videos of all time.

Niall’s ‘Slow Hands’ lyric video is one of a kind and it’s more of a behind the scenes look into creating the song than just a video with the lyrics on screen. You get to see Niall and his bandmates practicing the tune, in the studio, and on stage performing. Fans also get to see some cool behind the scenes banter and it’s very clear that, for as much as fans love the tune, Niall is so pleased with this one.

While he continues to perform at shows around the country and spends a bit more time in the studio finishing his album, we anticipate getting more videos with behind the scenes footage, and we can’t wait.

Also, if you were a fan of One Direction, you know Niall used to do ‘Where we going today, Mark’ videos…you can search them on social media if you aren’t familiar with them. On his social media just days ago, he posted a teaser of that again! All things are moving forward for Niall’s continued solo debut and we’re so proud of him!


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