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Niall Horan Debuts New Song ‘On The Loose’ at #933Summer Concert

Published on May 13th, 2017 | Updated on May 13th, 2017 | By FanFest

Niall Horan was part of 93.3’s Summer Kick-Off concert in San Diego and not only did he sing his debut single ‘This Town’ and his follow up single ‘Slow Hands’, he revealed a new song that fans can hear on his debut solo album, coming sometime this year. The song was an immediate hit with fans in attendance and with fans who heard it via recorded video from the show.

It’s got Fleetwood Mac vibes, which makes sense since Niall said Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles were two of the biggest inspirations for his solo album. It’s a style of music that suits him and for as much as the crowd loved it, Niall loved performing it even more. You could tell by the way he commanded the crowd’s attention without much else but sheer talent and a bit of hip rolling.

Niall has a few radio shows lined up this summer and he plans to tour his own album soon, so we’re sure we’ll be hearing more new music from him soon, and we can’t wait.

Niall’s solo journey so far has been inspiring and upbeat. He loves what he’s doing and he just wants to keep doing more of it. He doesn’t stray away from his roots, doesn’t try to prove to the world that he’s this or that. He’s not trying to break away from who he was as a ‘boy bander’ and he’s not trying to impress people who weren’t big fans of his before. Niall is simply making music that he likes and hoping that it goes over well in the meantime.

There’s something about an artist who can just be who they are, without trying to reach a certain number of goals or write songs for this purpose or for that one. We’ve heard three songs from Niall’s solo debut album so far, ‘This Town’, ‘Slow Hands’, and ‘She’s on the Loose’. The two latter songs have a similar vibe, but we anticipate a different sound for most of the songs that he comes up with. Niall likes it all, and he’s good at it all.

He can’t go wrong, and that’s a pretty blessed spot to be in musically.

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