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NFT Spotlight: Zombie Social Club Dropping Soon on OpenSea

Published on January 25th, 2022 | Updated on January 25th, 2022 | By FanFest

Keeping up with the ever-growing NFT world, we’ll try to keep you aware of new NFT’s arriving that may be worth a look. Today’s post spotlights Zombie Social Club.  There’s a few reasons that this series has our attention and we want to bring it to yours! Their drop is currently scheduled for February 9 on OpenSea, after being delayed from its original date of January 24.  The artwork looks fantastic but it’s their utilities that sound promising.

Zombie Social Club describes itself as:

The zombie social club embodies art culture in music, digital art, merchandise, community and NFT’s. owning a ZSC NFT gives access to exclusive merch, metaverse concerts, exclusive real life events, giveaways, derivative drops and undoubtedly the chance to make substantial profit from trading our zombie collection on our own marketplace and opensea.

The focus appears to be on locating and purchasing art and spotlighting musicians. However, there appears to be some solid utilities:

  • Staking – earn Zombie Social Coins (ZSC) for staking your ZSC NFT. You can spend these in our merch store or for something unique to evolve your NFT.
  • Merch – from hoodies, beanies, tees, skate decks, mouse mats, headphones, socks, stickers and more, shop your ZSC drip the way that fits your style.
  • Community – our community is the heart of the zombie social club, every member is valued and given equal opportunities to create, showcase, share and succeed.
  • Culture – Celebrating digital and tech innovation in arts and culture, We want to give everyone the opportunity to create, share and love art the way we do.
  • NFT Drops – all ZSC NFT holders will receive exclusive derivative and partnered drops of the zombie social club. talk to us in discord if you’d like to partner with us.

The Zombie Social Club appears to have solid transparency as to who is behind the project.  Hector Van Duesbury, Jowen, Blazenflorence, Colinsgone, Canaparo, and Oxyben Labs are all listed to be behind the project in various roles.

The roadmap for the project lays out the various benchmark that Zombie Social Club hopes to achieve should its project sell out completely. Most notably, Zombie Social Club will mint its own tokens to its NFT holders at 10%.  Then, at 50%, a donation of $50,000.00 will be made to various youth organizations throughout the U.S. and U.K.  Finally, at 80, 90, and 100% sales, Zombie Social Club will establish itself in the metaverse for future projects, music festivals, then, ultimately, staking of the $ZSC coin where NFT holders will be rewarded.

We’ll keep you posted on more NFT news, including any developments with Zombie Social Club.  In the meantime, be sure to share with us your thoughts on Zombie Social Club!

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