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NFT Spotlight: The Dead Army Skeleton Klub, Brings Bones Alive in the Metaverse

Published on January 26th, 2022 | Updated on January 26th, 2022 | By FanFest

There are NFT’s that hope to create function in the metaverse and then there are NFTs that function and are ready to roll.  The Dead Army Skeleton Klub are the latter and their NFTs are both dead and alive.

This past week, Dead Army Skeleton Klub minted its 6,969 skeleton NFTs on OpenSea.  As this is written, they were minted at .069 ETH but now have a floor of .22 ETH in just five days.  Their website describes the “klub” as:

“The Dead Army Skeleton Klub collection NFTs, are 6969 high quality 3D computer generated collectibles, with over 150 hand crafted features. Each Dask collectible contains unique traits, comes with the matching 3D model and way more. The skeletons are currently living in the Ethereum graveyard but you can join The Klub’s Discord and help bring them alive!”

The website also set of the Klub’s roadmap, which previous steps included creation of the community and launch of the NFTs.  What’s really exciting about DASK is the next steps, which inlcludes, “the opportunity to access the fully rigged 3D avatar.”  The Klub also intends to hold exclusive events within the metaverse.

Finally, the what we believe is the coolest step and upcoming utility of the Klub is a 3D mobile app.  According to the site:

“We are working on a 3D mobile visualisation app where you can unbox and see your Skeleton. Hold your Dask and play with him like a puppet by moving his legs, arms and turning him around. The next step will be AR integration.”

The man behind the Klub is Bibble.  Bibble’s self-described bio says:

I’m the founder and artist behind The Dead Army Skeleton Klub.

I’ve been working in the Entertainment industry for 7 years as a 3D artist. To name a few, I’ve worked for many different studios such as: Framestore, Axis Studio, Unit Image, Industrial Light and Magic. I’ve also helped develop and create AAA Films, TV shows & Game Trailers for large franchises like Marvel, Netflix, Star Wars & more.

Throughout my years working in the industry I fell in love working on personal projects by creating characters and creatures in different styles. I’ve worked tirelessly on my creativity & CGI skills and am happy to announce my latest endeavor: The Dead Army Skeleton Klub.

What we love about the Klub is that the artwork is detailed and the variations are plentiful.  Even more, we like the use of the CGI in the creation and reveal of each NFT. What we are most excited about with Dead Army Skeleton Klub its function and ability to actually utilize the NFT.  That these aren’t just limited to artwork that has no use.

Keep your eyese on the Klub and see how this NFT grows!

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