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NFT Spotlight: Peen Party NFT Rises and Brings IP That Will Last to OpenSea

Published on January 28th, 2022 | Updated on January 28th, 2022 | By FanFest

It’s Friday and time to spotlight our last NFT of the week!  Peen Party NFTs rises and reloads to officially launch on March 18th on OpenSea. Series One will bring 100 hand-drawn unique pieces of art that will become NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

The project announced today it’s roadmap and utilities for it’s community.  The mystery behind the project is who is exactly behind it.  The artist goes by the name Zigz and has turned his 19,000+ followers profile on Twitter into the now-profile for @PeenPartyNFT.  The profile has some key followers, such as Skybound Entertainment, EW’s Dalton Ross, and Shazam himself, Zachary Levi. There’s tons of other celebrities and companies following the artist too.

Here’s what we can share on the project with the initial information that was released today! But you can get a lot of new information on Peen Party’s Discord.


Peen Party is exactly as it sounds. It’s a Party all about Peens.  The Original Series One Peens are all hand-drawn art (no AI production) of 100% unique Peen parodies and artwork.   All built on the Ethereum blockchain.

A new Series will follow every 50 days, revealing 100 new Peens.  Existing Peen Party NFT holders will have priority to purchase new Series Peens.

All created and owned by the artist Zigz (professional film and television digital artist) and through the support of NFT news journalist, Bullhorn, who will assist Zigz in managing the project.

Peen Party’s goal is to create a merchandise brand and identity that normalizes the appearance of Peens in pop-culture, with the ultimate goal of animating the Peens for visual consumption.

Owning a Peen Party NFT will give its holders exclusive access to merch, met averse content, derivative drops, and watching your Peen investment grow!

Join our Discord for information on minting, whitelist, pricing, and more!


Peen Party members will eventually have exclusive opportunities to purchase/whitelist other Peens, create custom Peens (through the merger of multiple Peens and Protectors), and original NFT holders will be able to mint Peen “Protectors” upon 100% of all Peens becoming minted.

The Metaverse will allow you to show that it’s not just that you have a Peen, but how you use it.  Owning a Peen Party NFT will give its holders exclusive access to merch, Metaverse content, derivative drops, and watching your Peen investment grow!

Even BIGGER, existing Peen NFT owners will get the opportunity to purchase new Series Peens as they are released every 50 days.

What’s great is the Peen Party has already laid out a detailed roadmap for the project.


  • 10% Sold – Discount Merch Opening.  At 10%, merchandise will be come available for Peen Party Members at cost plus shipping.
  • 25% Sold – Peen Giveaway One.  At 20%, 4 Party Members will receive a second “Peen.”  This Peen will be a custom, unreleased Peen in NFT form.
  • 50% Sold – Ethereum Donation.  At 50%, a donation will be made to the American Cancer Society marking the fund to be used for research on testicular cancer.
  • 60% Sold – Merch Giveaway – At 60%, all Party Members will receive a Peen shirt and possible other merch. This will be a one-time giveaway to first time NFT holders.
  • 70% Sold – Peen Giveaway Two. At 70%, 7 additional Party Members will receive a second “Peen.”  This Peen will be a custom, unreleased Peen in NFT form.
  • 80% Sold – Ethereum Giveaway. At 80%, 4 Party Members will be reimbursed their .25 minting price in Ethereum.
  • 100% Sold – Peen Explosion! At 100%, all original Party Members will receive a Peen Protector NFT.  This unique NFT will be a Protection Version of your minted Peen Party NFT.

What makes this project stand out from the others is the quality of artwork and the fact that it’s hand-drawn.  These aren’t 10,000 AI generated images from a handful of files looking to make a quick-buck.  Instead, these pieces took a ton of time to create.  Each series will come together with more hand-drawn pieces, limited to just another 100 pieces.  Early owners will get the ability to whitelist for future Series.

Even more amazing, these Peens can and will become pins, collectible cards, shirts, and vinyl toys.  The ultimate goal of the project is to animate the Peens in future shorts (they really don’t like any word that makes things sound small or soft).

We’ll keep you posted on things to come with Peen Party.  You definitely don’t want to miss out!

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