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NFT Spotlight: Crumby’s Bakery

Published on January 24th, 2022 | Updated on January 24th, 2022 | By FanFest

crumby's bakery nft is the first nft owned by twitter

We’re going to start spotlighting some of our favorite NFTs and first up is Crumby’s Bakery. Crumby’s Bakery has already minted and launched on OpenSea. Even better, 100% of all Crumbys are already sold.

Crumby’s Bakery describes itself as:

“Crumbys Bakery is a collection of 1000 unique non-generative CRUMBY NFTs, which was the first PFP collection from Germany when it launched on Opensea in June 2021, worldwide the first gingerbread cookie PFP collection and the first NON-generated PFP project with 1k NFTs.”

“All our Crumbys are created, baked, and decorated one by one by an artist mbarutcu with no help of Ai. Each CRUMBY is handcrafted for perfection with full commercial rights.”

Beyond the fact that the artwork itself is fantastic, what’s caught with Crumby’s is the attention it’s garnering.

Twitter recently changed its profile picture to a Crumby NFT. As Twitter announced its new function to allow select users to use NFTs as its profile photos, it is important to note that it selected a Crumby to pair with the announcement.

But even greater than that, Crumby is the first NFT ever owned by Twitter.

NFT Spotlight: Crumby's Bakery

As a result of Twitter’s ownership, Crumbys have traded over 200 times! Volume is up on Crumbys NFTs significantly and the project is now trending on OpenSea.

In reviewing the Twitter posts and information on Crumby’s, it appears that new uses for Crumby’s are on the horizon. According to the posts, the artist behind Crumby’s, @mbarutcuART, is intending on expanding the Crumby’s metaverse to include gingerbread houses… of course!

I jumped on my first Crumby today and added it to my public portfolio! I believe it’s a project that will sustain solid growth and no one else will ever be able to claim what Crumby’s can, which is Twitter’s first NFT and NFT profile pic!

Have you bought a Crumby? Let us know in the comments below!

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