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NFT Spotlight: Big Cats Launches Website and White List Raffle

Published on February 1st, 2022 | Updated on February 1st, 2022 | By FanFest

The NFT that’s gaining moment, as it heads into its public minting, is Big Cats.  A massive following on Discord, which now is over 250,000, there is a ton of buzz around the newest NFT series.

This week, Big Cats finally made its website live to the public, laying out its utilities and roadmap.  As a result, even more excitement is building.  For those wanting to get in on the whitelist, there is a raffle that opened up today.

Here’s what we now know about Big Cats, thanks to the website release:

What is Big Cats?

Legendary for their agility, intelligence, and ferocity, the Big Cats have been prized since the time of the Pyramids.

In 2022, the Big Cats have evolved into their final, most dominant form, and are ready to be uncaged — destined to rule the Metaverse.

But be warned though — these Big Cats are exceptionally rare. To even catch a glimpse of them in the Metaverse is a privilege. To actually own an original Big Cat is to walk amongst virtual gods.

Big Cats NFTs will be the world’s most refined and exclusive collection of provably rare digital assets, stored for eternity on the blockchain.

Only 8888 Big Cats will be minted, preserving their majesty and influence for a select few who wish to be revered in the Metaverse forever. Every Big Cat will be designed by world-class artists with savage instincts for detail, quality, and adaptability.

In a game of cat and mouse, the Big Cat always wins. Now is the time. Jump on your chance to own your very own Big Cat.

What is Big Cats’ Roadmap?

Creation of Big Cats

Each of the 8888 rare and majestic pieces of NFT art will be created with the same imagination and detail our artists have created on the screen of blockbusters. Every traits will be authentic, so each and every Big Cat will give fear to the weak creatures of the Metaverse. NFTs simply don’t get more high quality than this. Think about it. There will be nothing in the Metaverse that even comes close to the excellence of Big Cats. Forward-thinking art lovers and investors will stand up and pay attention to us. Demand for the Big Cats will be huge — if you want to charge ahead of the crowd, you must act with speed and confidence

The Big Cats Start to Conquer the Metaverse

With their pedigree and majesty, demand for the Big Cats will be overwhelming — unfortunately, we can only maintain their extreme quality for a limited run. Only 8888 wise investors will be able to own a Big Cat. The strong focus on art quality and building a healthy community has drawn in over 250,000 members. Holders of this NFT will be given the opportunity to have access to exclusive events around the world — all you have to do is present your Big Cat at entry.

Giving Power Back to the Pride

Big Cats always look after their own, and so we want to give back to the real cats of the world with a large donation to help preserve their habitat. In Stage 3, we pledge to donate $50,000 to a charity. They protect Big Cats in tropical environment. We sincerely wish to help these stately creatures and ensure their survival for generations to come.

Introducing the Kings of the Pride

Every great art collection has a centerpiece. The most popular, well-known and awe-inspiring additions to your collection, we will be introducing the Kings of the Pride. These alpha Big Cats will be really rare, designed by our artists who will have full authority to create with maximum ferocity and creativity. If you thought our other Big Cats were rare and first-class, be prepared to be shocked.

The Kings of the Pride will be an ultra-exclusive meta-collection within an already special collection.

Bringing renewed hype to the collection, new investors will be forced to take notice, therefore increasing the value of the existing Big Cats.

The Big Cats Evolve to Their Final Form

Only kitties are satisfied with 2D profile pics — the Big Cats demand total respect — and for that, we must release the Big Cats in their final 3D form. At Stage 5, Big Cat owners will be able to showcase their avatars in games, movies, or in real-time Metaverse meetups. Put simply, you will be among the rarest, most detailed, and fully imagined avatars in existence. Wherever you roam, you will command respect.

More Members Join the Pride

When we saw the Big Cats were in demand this much, we were forced to add a sixth stage — where we introduce more members to the pride. To help those who may have missed out, we will evolve our animalistic offerings into other species in the animal kingdom. Diversity makes us stronger, and we know that these new members will benefit our original Big Cat investors through renewed interest.

What’s Coming Up for Big Cats this week?

(This information is pulled directly from their website)

Mint Price

After a long discussion with the whole team, our investors, and trusted partners, we decided to set the MINT PRICE at 0.44 ETH due to the current valuation of the Ethereum. As a comparison, see the value of other artworks from Enrique Sagasta & Ricardo Cesar: – Enrique and Ricardo are Marvel and Disney artists, we don’t want to undervalue our artists’ names. – By setting this price, we ensure that we attract a majority of serious and long-term investors to the project. – Our artists are renowned for their work on the biggest movies of the century (Avengers, Star Wars, SpiderMan..).

Launch Whitelist: We will start collecting your metamask addresses from today to Tuesday 1st. Remember that you will need to have AT LEAST 0.44 ETH + gas fees for our system to qualify your address. Then you will be able to mint as soon as the Whitelist sale begins on Wednesday February 2nd at 8PM CET. NOTE: Being whitelisted guarantees your spot for the Whitelist presale. IF you are whitelisted, you won’t need to register to the Raffle on our website, you only need to register your wallet in the channel that have been made for you. NOTE: Raffle is NOT open yet.

Whitelist Spots: We’ll continue to whitelist new people until the launch. The moderators continue to reward in the chat the members who have genius conversations and the most active and helpful people.




THURSDAY 3rd 8PM CET: If there is any, the remaining supply will be available for a public mint

How to Enter the Raffle Today:

Here are the step by step instructions:  Step 1: Go to our website ( and click the big REGISTER FOR RAFFLE button. Step 2: Connect your Metamask account and approve the Metamask message. (The registration is 100% free) Step 3: Once the mint opens tomorrow at 8pm CET if you are selected you’ll be able to mint on our website.  The Raffle is closing IN 12 HOURS FROM OPENING . Make sure you enter the Raffle quickly so you don’t miss out. Make sure you’ve got at least 0.44 ETH + GAS on your wallet so you pass verification.

New York (EST): 2PM

Paris (GMT+1): 8PM

London (GMT): 7PM

Moscow (GMT+3): 10PM

Beijing (GMT+8): 3AM

Sydney (GMT+11): 6AM

We’re certainly excited about Big Cats here at Good luck to everyone entering the raffle today! May the odds forever be in your favor!

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