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NFT Spotlight: Alpha Initium, an Ambitious Play-to-Earn Game of Cyborg Women & Robots

Published on January 31st, 2022 | Updated on January 31st, 2022 | By FanFest

It’s Monday and it’s time to jump back in the NFT market and find out what’s going on and what’s coming up.  Today’s spotlight is on Alpha Initum, an impressive an aesthetically pleasing series of NFTs focused on cyborg women and robots.  As time is going by, the quality of work put into NFT art is greatly improving and 3D art is becoming more prevalent.

Alpha Initium describes itself on it’s website as:

Alpha Initium is a project composed of 8888 NFTs created by @damien_guimoneau, who worked with Disney, Marvel and Netflix. Cyborgs women and robots are in the spotlight, get ready for the most impressive and realistic 3D NFT collection ever revealed!

You might be one of the lucky members to discover the AlphaVerse in exclusivity. We created much more than an NFT collection, we created a whole new Universe.

Holding one of our Alphas, you will be able to evolve in an ambitious play-to-earn game and conquer the lands of your enemies. Many battles will be fought, for glory, but above all for profits. Your fighting skills will be rewarded with $Alpha tokens and you will dream of making it your daily job!

Like a lot of the high-value NFTs, tokens is becoming an important aspect of an NFT series.  What makes Alpha Initium even more interesting is that there will be a game play component that the vast majority of NFTs are missing.  This game play component is what will take NFTs into the Metaverse.

There will be six classes of Alpha Initium: Magi – Mintys, Valyra – Auka, Kull – Guerison, Morteis – Grubus, Jiva – Tik, and Jain – Jeya. These classes all have different aspects and abilities.

What also makes Alpha Initium stand out is its benfits, utilities and roadmap.

First up, the Benefits and Utilities:

Participative writing

Possibility to participate in the first participative writing of the NFT history

Exclusive giveaways

Regular giveaways for holders only

Alphaverse acces

Access to the Alpha Initium land on the Metaverse and interaction with its environment in VR

Channel holders

Access to the exclusive «holders» channel on the discord to collaborate with the team and get exclusive information

$Alpha priority acces

Priority access to the purchase of the $Alpha token

Exclusive advantages

Reduced admission fees for battles and character trait bonus in game.

Next up, the Roadmap:

Introduction to the universe and the scenario
• Introduction to the Map, the lands and territories to conquer and protect
• Announcement of the six Factions
• Introduction to Gameplay I (conquer new lands and defend your territories)
• Selection of 10 Alphas Helpers to guide and help the new Alphas among our community
• Explanation of Alpha Initium RPG’s economy and its microcosm
• Explanation of bonus NFT cards
• Reveal of the Legendary Alphas
• Mint your own Alpha • Reveal of the 8888 Alphas

• Introduction to the $ALPHA token

• Presentation of the Marketplace to trade supplies and resources

• Introduction to Gameplay II (City Building with Rewards)

• Presentation of Omega Initium (Men collection)

• Rewards for players who build and create in the Cities
• Ranking of the best players
• Ranking of players with the most resources, to introduce head hunting for PVP

• Final installation of the Initium Marketplace
• The best fighter wins Platinum stocks from an enemy during PVP matches
• Festive event at the end of each month on AlphaVerse

• Addition of new territories (provinces) to Alphaverse
• Daily rewards for dedicated players
• Integration into new Metaverses

Finally, the Artist:

The value of a piece of art typically is given based on who the artist is.  Alpha Initium has a solid artist behind this NFT project.

Damien Guimoneau is one of the most prestigious 3D Artist known in the VFX industry. Creature specialist he is behind many main hero characters as a digital sculptor : Rafiki, Simba and Scar for the Lion King. Xenomorph and Neomorph for Alien Covenant.

Senior Modeler on Justice league, Godzilla, recent Marvel and Disney movies. But also very talented for hard surface and responsible of the design and the creation of many robots like in Ghost in the Shell!


Alpha Initium is on its way to being a solid early performer.  I have no doubt that the NFT will do very well on its initial minting.  What is extremely positive about this project is the level of disclosure of who is behind it.  Not only is the artist disclosed, but so are the other individuals, such as Jerome Maman (Ubisoft), Nathan Pissaro (founder of $Alpha token), and Melody Madar (Les Eclaireuses).  This aspect is seriously lacking in most projects.  The disclosure creates security that the NFT series is not just a money grab but a real investment for its members.

Minting information and the date of the mint is not yet disclosed but today it was announced that it’s forthcoming this week.

We look forward to learning more about Alpha Initium and seeing the project succeed. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more!

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