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Newly single Tom Brady Post His First Thirst Trap and Asked, ‘Did I do it right?’

Published on February 7th, 2023 | Updated on February 7th, 2023 | By FanFest

It appears Tom Brady has given the world a clear indication that he is available as of now following his divorce from Gisele Bündchen.

On Monday, the newly-retired Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback posted a mirror selfie of himself sitting on his bed in nothing but brown boxer briefs. With one hand placed strategically — although not exactly subtly — over his groin area, Brady jokingly tweeted to former teammates Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski: “Did I do it right?”, leaving no doubt as to why he is beloved by so many people! We love this modest king!

Brady was forced to post the snap after failing to keep his promise in June of 2022.

Tom Brady recently retweeted a photo shoot showcasing the underwear from his “Brady Brand” apparel line. This exclusive collection is specially designed for those with an active lifestyle, as it defines itself to be “technical apparel for the performance minded.”

“40,000 likes and I’ll recreate these photos,” he tweeted. “Unrelated but can you guys send me some more of the socks.”

Nevertheless, after 2023 had rolled around and the social media account for the brand accumulated a huge following of almost 50 thousand likes, Brady was reminded to honor his promise. He may have been unreliable when it came to follow through on his commitment in spending more time with family; however only one tweet from him was enough for everyone to understand that he meant business.

“Hey Tom Brady, we haven’t forgotten about this,” the Brady Brand Twitter account nudged on Monday morning, shortly before he obliged.

Speculation of Brady and Bündchen’s separation began in September 2022, shortly after his decision to unretire from the NFL. By late October, they had officially ended their marriage; soon afterwards, whispers spread that Bündchen was now with her jiu-jitsu trainer.

With tantalizing posts like these, perhaps Tom Brady will meet someone special – whether it be a jiu-jitsu instructor or another model/influencer.

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