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Newly Released Netflix Featurettes Take Us Behind The Scenes of Black Mirror Season 4!

Published on January 17th, 2018 | Updated on January 17th, 2018 | By FanFest

Released just a couple weeks ago, Black Mirror Season 4 continues to intrigue audiences. Fans, myself included, are filled with unease as they ponder Black Mirror’s twisted scenarios based on society’s technological advances and social media addictions. I have always possessed a curiosity for creepiness and am thoroughly mesmerized by the show’s ability to pull me in and consider “what if”. Often wondering what goes through the mind of those responsible for bringing forth such thought-provoking entertainment, I was happy to see Netflix offer up a bit of insight. Check out the newly released clips right here!

‘USS Callister’

“At times, ‘USS Callister’ may seem to poke fun at the classic era of Star Trek, but according to Brooker, any homages to the original sci-fi series were intended as a loving tribute.” – Source: SYFYWIRE


“‘Arkangel’, which lead Rosemarie DeWitt sums up as being about “Black Hawk helicopter parenting,” features an appearance by the episode’s director, Jodie Foster.” Source –  SYFYWIRE


“According to Brooker, Crocodile’ is about a cat-and-mouse game where neither the cat nor the mouse are fully aware of each other. To add to the general feeling of isolation experienced by main character Mia, the producers decided to set the episode in Iceland.” Source –  SYFYWIRE

‘Hang the DJ’

“What if there was a service that was a bit like Spotify for dates?” That’s Brooker’s summary pitch for the episode ‘Hang the DJ’, about a dating app that adapts to your romantic experiences and creates an algorithm for your potential ultimate match.” Source –  SYFYWIRE


“Visceral and unrelenting” is how Brooker describes ‘Metalhead’, the episode that primarily follows Bella (Maxine Peake) as she struggles for survival in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by deadly robotic dogs.” Source –  SYFYWIRE

‘Black Museum’

“‘Black Museum’ was a walk down Memory Lane for Brooker and Jones, as the titular funhouse of horrors features relics from previous Black Mirror episodes, creating a sort of shared Black Mirror universe.” Source –  SYFYWIRE

While I find myself fascinated by each episode, I definitely have my Black Mirror favorites, ‘Black Museum’ and ‘Hang the DJ’. ‘Black Museum’ is a provocative representation of the universe maintaining balance. Does what comes around truly go around?  And ‘Hang the DJ’, as it delves into society’s obsession with finding the perfect mate, questions our own ability to make choices. Can technology actually determine pairing perfection? Hmmm.  What do you think? Share thoughts on these or your favorite episode with Fan Fest News.

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