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New Wonder Woman Yara Flor Is Getting Her Own Series

Published on February 5th, 2021 | Updated on February 5th, 2021 | By FanFest

Future State, the current event going on in DC Comics, has brought with it a crazy view of the future. In this future, times are tough, and the whole thing is a little confusing to follow. That’s not to say the event has been a failure. Some of those new introductions have already made a mark on several people. No addition has been better received than the new Brazilian Wonder Woman though, Yara Flor.

This is not completely unexpected seeing as to how crazy people were going when Future State: Wonder Woman #1 came out. She was feisty, fun, and very sassy. She also had an amazing Pegasus friend named Jerry and he’s the REAL star of the show! Now new Wonder Woman Yara Flor is getting her own series!

Wonder Girl #1 Cover

I think it’s awesome to see people embracing this new Wonder Woman. It might be just what the DC Universe needs, a little shake-up as it were. Many people were hoping that Yara would get her own series and now she is in the form of a Wonder Girl ongoing series. Joelle Jones, the characters creator, is returning to helm her creation’s new ongoing which is freaking awesome! She will be taking care of both the writing duties and the art! This should definitely bring a cohesiveness to the book as a whole, and no one knows the character more than the person who created them. This is not a small deal, since this is Wonder Girl’s first-ever ongoing series! Way to go, Yara!

Jones is understandably a little nervous about the whole thing, especially living up to Diana, “She was this beautiful goddess that I looked up to and wanted to be like, and I wanted to take those emotions of admiration and put them in a character. It would be a woman who had the same powers, but had foibles as a human,” Jones said. She added that the idea was for the reader to “watch the struggles of somebody wanting to be just like Wonder Woman, but who staggered along the way.”

Are you excited that Yara Flor is getting her own series!?

The new Wonder Girl series launches in May!


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