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New Walking Dead Footage Further Explores ‘Negan’s World’

Published on September 6th, 2016 | Updated on September 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

Season 7 of The Walking Dead is bringing with it a great tragedy as well as one of the most anticipated villains in TWD history; Negan.  With less than 15 minutes of total screen time in the season 6 finale, he’s already been stirring up a lot of chatter at conventions, online, and in interviews. Everyone wants to know more about Negan, and season 7 is going to give the fans that knowledge.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan said in an interview recently that season 7 of The Walking Dead is Negan’s World and from every glimpse into the future we’ve seen so far, he’s absolutely right.  The character, who we’re conditioned to hate, is oddly charming and carries a charisma that makes viewers want to know his story.  His presence makes people bow before him, his voice is commanding, and he swings Lucille around with confidence as he walks around the compound like he owns the place; and rightfully so.

Season 7’s original preview focused a lot on Negan, but also fight scenes, other new characters, and of course – that tiger; giving fans a glimpse into everything new coming their way when The Walking Dead returns.  New footage was released recently that focuses solely on Negan and we have to admit, our interest in the character only grows with each new scene we see him in.

With a tagline like the one in the Tweet ‘Everything you have belongs to Negan now’; it’s easy to see why Jeffrey Dean Morgan has given so much of himself to making sure the character is both terrifying and likable at the same time – he’s taking over.

While a lot is still being kept under wraps and fan speculation is at an all-time high, one thing has been cemented as season 7’s ultimate truth: It truly is Negan’s world now.

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