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New Variant Loki posters released! Alligator Loki IS Included!

Published on July 12th, 2021 | Updated on July 12th, 2021 | By FanFest

Loki is airing its final season on Wednesday and fans are incredibly excited! We’ll see the conclusion to the season and find out who created the TVA! Now there are some new Variant Loki posters released by marvel studios. And they’re pretty sick! Even alligator Loki is included!

The fifth episode of Loki had all the variants given a time to shine. It showed them unable to trust each other, constantly fighting for supremacy in the void. Tom Hiddleston had no time for those shenanigans though, choosing to focus on getting past Alioth.

The main Loki variants, the four who were introduced in the episode 3 credits scene, were each given a poster. Along with presidential Loki for some reason. We don’t know why he got one, but we’ll allow it… for now.

Fans have tons of theories leading into the season finale, some that people who work on Loki actually had to go ahead and shoot down. This makes sense considering what happened with WandaVision and their theories. Fans ended up incredibly disappointed.

It’s probably for the best anyway. Like this, speculation won’t get out of hand and won’t lead to disappointed fans. At least, we hope so. Everyone is hoping Loki can nail this final episode and end the season off with a bang. There is still no word on season 2, but fans are hopeful. At the very least, it is unlikely this will be the last we see of Loki!

We’re going to go ahead and include the posters down below so you can check them out for yourself! Don’t forget, Loki airs tomorrow at midnight so you can always stay up and watch it right away to avoid spoilers!

Catch up on the first five episodes of Loki on Disney+ right now!

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