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New Star Wars Online Game Announced

New Star Wars Online Game Announced
Image: Zynga

It’s been more than five hundred days since the last official Nintendo Direct, which meant that fan expectations were running at an all time high leading up to Nintendo’s big announcements on Wednesday. Rumors of what may appear during the Direct ran the gambit from new playable Smash characters to an oft-pined for Legend of Zelda HD Collection.

Those longing for a new Star Wars game need look no further. Developed by Zynga (the studio behind popular mobile titles such as Words with Friends and Farmville) comes Star Wars: Hunters, a new squad-based free to play competitive arena combat shooter set between the events of Star Wars Episode VI and Episode VII.

Players will compete in a galactic arena with their choice of fighter from one of three classes: Bounty Hunter, Hero of the Rebellion, and Imperial Stormtrooper.

While not much more has been revealed about the upcoming coop, Nintendo has stated that a Nintendo Switch Online membership will not be required in order to download and play.

At time of publication, Star Wars: Hunters has not been assigned an official launch date; however, what is known, is that it will be available free to download for the Nintendo Switch, on the App Store, and on Google Play Store later in 2021.

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