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New Report Details Alleged “Extreme Abuse” by Jonathan Majors in Past Relationships

Published on June 30th, 2023 | Updated on June 30th, 2023 | By FanFest

A comprehensive report has surfaced, shedding light on numerous allegations of abuse and misconduct involving actor Jonathan Majors. Recently published by Rolling Stone, the in-depth investigation spans nearly a decade of alleged incidents, including Majors’ arrest on domestic violence charges earlier this year. Over 40 sources were interviewed, including individuals who knew Majors during his time at Yale University, former romantic partners, and colleagues from film sets. One source quoted in the report expresses little surprise, stating, “It always felt like it was a matter of time because his behavior never changed. He’s kind of a bad dude, and now it’s just catching up with him.”

According to the report, over a dozen different sources claim that Majors physically and/or emotionally abused two previous romantic partners. Allegedly, one woman endured severe abuse, both physically and mentally, including instances of strangulation. There are also allegations of emotional abuse from a second woman, with claims of controlling behavior extending to dictating her diet and limiting her interactions. Sources suggest that the relationship was characterized as “emotional torture,” and Majors would often display anger to the point of needing to vent physically.

A source reveals, “She said on a few occasions that he wanted her to believe that he was the oxygen in the room [and] that she could not live without him.”

New Report Details Alleged "Extreme Abuse" by Jonathan Majors in Past Relationships

The report further delves into Majors’ alleged unprofessional conduct, encompassing his time at Yale’s School of Drama and his work on recent film projects such as Devotion and the upcoming Magazine Dreams. It is claimed that Majors had multiple confrontations and altercations with his classmates at Yale, including an incident where he allegedly slapped a classmate during play wrestling rehearsal. Concerns were reportedly raised by classmates and some instructors, which were brought to the attention of Yale administration.

Additionally, a source from the set of 2022’s Devotion recounts instances where Majors made members of the costume department cry, describing the situation as bordering on abuse. The source states, “It seemed like it was some kind of sick pleasure that he took out of—once those girls cried… He did it to people who he could tell would be too afraid to stand up for themselves.” On the set of Magazine Dreams, scheduled for release in December, Majors purportedly reacted physically toward two crew members, pushing one and intimidating the other with aggressive behavior while shouting. Complaints were reportedly filed, although a production source claims there was no physical contact or intimidation involved. They add that Majors was promptly made aware of the complaint and expressed regret for causing distress.

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These latest revelations follow Majors’ previous domestic violence charges, resulting in reported separation from his management company Entertainment 360 and PR firm Lede Company. Entertainment 360 cited concerns over the actor’s personal behavior as the reason for their decision. Furthermore, Majors has been dropped from two upcoming films—The Man in My Basement and an untitled Otis Redding biopic—as well as an ad campaign involving the MLB’s Texas Rangers. He had already been removed from a recent United States Army ad campaign. As of now, Majors remains attached to reprise his role as Kang the Conqueror in future Marvel Cinematic Universe projects, including the upcoming second season of Loki, which was filmed prior to the domestic violence charges.

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