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New Pokemon Pop Pre-Orders Live

Published on February 1st, 2022 | Updated on February 1st, 2022 | By FanFest

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available on the Nintendo Switch this week, so it’s an excellent moment for Funko to release fresh Pop figures in their Pokemon collection. As a result, they have. Sylveon, Lucario, and Alakazam are the newest Pokemon figures from wave 9 of Funko Pop!

Pre-orders for the Sylveon, Lucario, and Alakazam are now available at Entertainment Earth for $11.99 each with a release date of April/June 2022. It’s great to see Funko branching out with Pokemon Pops, rather than sticking to their usual formula of releasing numerous variations of previously released characters.

Available for Pre-Order: Sylveon is one of the eight possible evolutions for Eevee in Generation VI.

A Fighting/Steel Pokemon introduced in Generation IV that is a Dual-type Fighting/Steel Pokemon named Lucario. It evolves from Riolu and is called the Aura Pokemon.

The Alakazam Pop! Vinyl Figure is now available for pre-order. A Psychic Pokémon from Generation I, it’s known as the Psi Pokemon. It evolves from the Kadabra.

On Amazon, you may get a copy of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Prepare for a fresh sort of grand Pokémon adventure in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, an exciting new game from Game Freak that blends action and exploration with RPG elements of the series. Learn how Pokémon act, sneak up on them and throw a well-aimed Poké Ball to explore natural areas in order to find Pokémon. You may also throw the Pokémon Ball that contains your ally Pokémon at a wild Pokémon to instantly start combat. “Through the combination of Pokémon and people, an immersive, personal experience will be brought to life by both Pokémon and humans. This new perspective on Pokémon gameplay will offer a whole new level of immersion.”

Right here, you can stay up to date on the newest and greatest Funko Pop items. Some of the most recent news include:

  • The Todd McFarlane-inspired DC Comic Book Cover Funko Pop Exclusive is a recreation of an iconic Todd McFarlane design.
  • The Funko Spider-Man Impostor Pop 2-Pack Exclusive Is Back in Stock
  • The exquisite Little Mermaid Translucent Water Ariel Funko Pop Exclusive is breathtaking.

The 2018 Valentine’s Day debut of Star Wars Pops and Villainous Creatures Figures is now taking pre-orders.

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