New Mario Golf On June 25

There was a new Nintendo Direct on Wednesday and we got a whole bunch of cool announcements. Skyward Sword is getting ported to the Switch with regular controls. Square-Enix announced a brand new tactical RPG from the studio behind Octopath Travelers. Now we also know that there is a brand new Mario Golf game coming, which is awesome since it’s been forever since we’ve had one of those. In fact, the last time we had a Mario Golf it was on a portable Console. The game was Mario Golf World Tour in 2014. That’s one heck of a long time, and it also means Mario Golf skipped the Wii U. Which I suppose is fine since everyone else skipped the WII U too.

You’ll be able to use the Joy Con’s like a Golf Club and pretend they’re Wii remotes. There’ll be a story mode, through which you can take your own MII Character. There’s a Speed Golf mode too, which sounds a little insane. All-in-all I think people should be excited for the next entry in the the series. The fact that we haven’t gotten one in such a long time definitely helps me be excited about the whole thing. I have to admit I’ve never played a Mario Golf game in a long time, I think the last one I played myself was on the Gamecube. I remember having a good time with it, though.

Maybe this game coming out means we can get a new entry in the Mario Strikers series. Mario playing soccer ended up being one of the strangest, and best, Mario side games of all time. If you really do prefer golf though, then Mario Golf: Super Rush will be out on June 25. The game is probably already up for pre-order if you want to go ahead and secure yourself a copy.

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