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New ‘The Mandalorian’ Trailer Is Here

It hasn’t been long since we received the first trailer for The Mandalorian but it appears as though Disney aren’t quite finished. On the 28th October, fans received a brand new trailer for the Disney+ streaming service and I think it is fair to say that people are excited.

I certainly am. This new trailer gave us so many awesome things to take in: Call backs to the prequels, epic fight scenes and new aliens and creatures. We’re getting a completely new look at the Star Wars universe.

Many eagle-eyed fans spotted some surprising appearances. Considering that this series takes place after the fall of the Empire but before the rise of the First Order, many were surprised to see the B2 Battle Droids and a HMP Droid Gunship in the trailer. Keep an eye out for them, they’re not too difficult to spot. But it is good to see them again.

With The Rise of Skywalker trailer including a Standard Battle Droid, perhaps this is Star War’s attempt at connecting the prequels to some of the new content. This also means that we may see some more characters or relics from the prequels in the future.

You can check out the trailer below. If you see anything interesting please share it in the comments.

Pretty awesome, right?

The Mandalorian is the first of several Star Wars projects planned by Disney. Subscription users will have access to the first episode of The Mandalorian on the 12th November. Here is the schedule for the entire first season:

  • One – November 12th
  • Two – November 15th
  • Three – November 22nd
  • Four – November 29th
  • Five – December 6th
  • Six – December 13th
  • Seven – December 18th
  • Eight – December 27th

Are you excited for The Mandalorian?

Yeah? Good.

Let us know your thoughts on the brand new trailer. What are you looking forward to the most? I can’t wait to see how The Mandalorian expands on what we know and love.

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