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New Look at Jake Lockley has Been Revealed in a Newly-Realeased ‘Moon Knight’ Image

Published on May 10th, 2022 | Updated on May 10th, 2022 | By FanFest

In the Marvel series, Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac delivered a tour de force as Steven Grant/Marc Spector. Throughout the show, he continuously switched between the two personalities, with his acting abilities distinguishing between them at all times. However, comic book fans knew going in that there was at least one more member of the group, namely taxi driver Jake Lockley.

The show frequently hinted at Jake’s presence throughout, with scenes showing both Steven and Marc blackout and not being aware of what occurred during them, a rumbling third sarcophagus in the afterlife asylum sequence, as well as a lot of sinister yellow cabs driving by in the background.

But it wasn’t until the film’s mid-credits sequence that we got to see Jake in the flesh. Even then, he was mostly seen from behind or from the back of a limousine. Now, thanks to a recent photograph from the set, we have an actual look at him for the first time. Take a look:

Jake Lockley Moon Knight

The Jake reveal also pointed the way toward the show’s future. In the finale, Marc and Steven informed Khonshu that they’d kept their promise and didn’t want to be his avatar anymore. After a bit of grumbling, Khonshu agreed to let them go. However, he had discovered a loophole in Jake, who is still fully alive and viable.

If Moon Knight returns, this conflict will have to be resolved and we could see the unlikely circumstance of the protagonist and the antagonist sharing the same body. It’ll be a huge acting challenge, but we have complete confidence in Oscar Isaac’s abilities as an actor.

Moon Knight, is streaming on Disney Plus.

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