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‘New Girl’ Recap “Hubbedy Bubby”

Published on September 28th, 2016 | Updated on September 30th, 2016 | By FanFest

Well if Monday’s debate and all of the  memes, articles, and clips that flooded the internet Tuesday weren’t enough to satisfy your weekly political quota, New Girl’s “Hubbedy Bubby” is here to help. This week’s episode is all about politics, video sex, and organizing…so a typical New Girl cluster.

The episode kicks off with CeCe and Schmidt digging through the loft’s massive pile of mail, which is triggering Schmidt’s need to clean for a couple of reasons. The first being his obsessive need to organize and the second being that CeCe applied for college after recently graduating from community college and Schmidt is worried that her acceptance letters will get lost in the clutter.

While he wants to organize, CeCe has other plans to accompany Jess to the local democratic campaign HQ. Jess’ mission is to help people find their voice and register to vote. While New Girl has never been one to shy away from political conversation and each character’s party of choice (Schmidt once spent an episode impersonating Tagg Romney), this episode does shy away from Schmidt fully committing to his. Instead he isn’t voting for either candidate until 2020 when he will be voting for Paul Ryan.

Schmidt also believes that there is no way that Jess and CeCe will be able to find more voters. In fact he bets Jess that if she can get 5 new voters to sign up then he will vote for Hilary Clinton. If she can’t get 5 new votes she has to vote for Winston.

From here the lofties break off into their own stories so let’s do the same!

Winston and Nick

This week is all about keeping the romance alive for Nick and Reagan as they work to keep their relationship strong over long distance, or as Winston naively calls it: The Long D.  Not aware of the other interpretation he continues to tell Nick the wise lessons he as learned from The Long D. At first is very hard. It’s a lot to take. But the long D is worth it. Nick can’t keep a straight face but I honestly had trouble believing that Winston wouldn’t at least realize what he’s saying.

Nick decides to give Reagan a call, but is so nervous that somehow he ends up accidentally agreeing to have phone sex, which sends him into a panic considering how horribly is initial phone call went in the first place.

Winston is full of reassurance though because “phone sex is old school,” it’s all about the video sex now and he has just the thing to help Nick out. Turns out Winston chooses to bypass the proper use of his bedroom closet and instead created a room for dirty Skyping with Aly. It has everything you’d need – a green screen that can take you to Paris, Rome, Africa, a Cat Store, and outer space as well as various full body costumes.

Nick, of course, chooses outer space and suits up. Once he’s in the room calling Reagan he puts his helmet on, which he can’t see out of and ends up dialing Aly instead. It’s too late though because he can’t see her or hear her over his opening line of “In 10 hours I’ll be dead. I’m heading straight to the sun, which is actually a star, but it’s our star and it’s worth saving.” Once he realizes it’s Aly on the other line, it’s too late…she’s already seen everything there is to see.

“In 10 hours I’ll be dead. I’m heading straight to the sun, which is actually a star, but it’s our star and it’s worth saving” -Nick

Later, as he’s feeling defeated Winston comes in and tries to to cheer him up by reading some of Nick’s letters that he had written to Winston while he was away playing basketball.

Some of these gems include:

  • “Every moment you’re on this Earth is a moment I know where you are”
  • “I screamed your name at the ocean today and then I ate a sandwich that tasted like your smile”

Poor Winston once again tries to give Nick advice about how he has to use his own personal “voice” instead of Winston’s over the top gimmicks. The only thing is it’s Nick Miller and no amount of advice would make him normal enough to have phone sex, as proven by his opening line of  “you are a real sandwich lady and I want to scream your name over the ocean.”

While the storyline was a little out there it was refreshing to have Winston interacting with another member of the loft in his story line rather then being brushed off to the side on some mundane task while the others paired off. Him and Nick together are always a fun pair so I enjoyed seeing them.



This week it’s Scmidt who is on his own in a semi-related story line as he is torn between his incessant need to be clean and organized and his hatred of the Democratic party. After finding one of CeCe’s acceptance letters he excitedly heads over to the headquarters to open it with her.

She isn’t there at the moment so he opens the envelope out of excitement, which says that she was accepted (Go CeCe!!!) and calls to tell her. She doesn’t look as excited on the other end of the call but neither him nor Jess notice.   On his way out he starts uncontrollably organizing markers and papers until Meredith Palmer (from The Office) asks him to head over to the envelope table to help.

His immediate response of “I’m not with you people, I’m a Rep-” is quickly paused as he catches a glimpse of an overflowing chaotic envelope box. Instead he says he is repulsed and marches out, only to march back in seconds later to clean.

Schmidt is quickly promoted to calls and agrees to do one phone call. Only problem is that he is actually unable to say Hilary’s name off the script and instead goes with “A vote for America is a vote for Hubbedy Bubby.” Not surprisingly he is quickly discovered as an imposter and begins to run out shouting Paul Ryan 2020 until he is escorted out by someone who smells like a “wet campsite.”

“Paul Ryan 2020” – Schmidt

I don’t have too much to say about Schmidt’s story this week. I thought that it was funny that he couldn’t look past a simple mess long enough to get out of the Democratic campaign office. I also enjoyed how he is clearly supportive of CeCe’s affiliation, but felt that they took an easy way out with him this episode regarding his.

I would have liked to have seen some work on the house or some mention of their new house, but find that for New Girl things do tend to drop in and out.


Jess and CeCe

Jess and CeCe find themselves stuffing envelopes rather than hitting the streets and it is just not cutting it for Jess, whose mission is spread her political cheer by saying it aloud for all to hear. So, her and CeCe distract Meredith Palmer long enough to snag a couple of clipboards and take it to the streets.

After hitting almost all the houses and only getting doors slammed in their faces and finding one Bernie Sanders look a-like, the two stumble upon a sorority house  that is in search of more alcohol.

CeCe is a wonderful genius who purchases some liquor and just like that the ladies are in! They spend the next few hours getting absolutely hammered with their new sisters, playing flip cup, beer pong, and even demonstrating spreading the wealth through a diagram of shots. However, a little intoxication is a fair trade for the two as all of the girls are signing up to vote along the way,  and that my friends means that they beat Schmidt.

Of course the names turn out to be all fake names including some real treats such as Ivana Getsome, Anida Wang, Melanie Fart, Holden D. Cankles and Jackie Rectum. This sets Jess off because she knows it’s not even about beating Schmidt, it’s about having a voice and using it. She finds her way onto the second floor balcony and leads a riveting speech about women’s rights to vote.

“I’m Booze Girl and Booze Girl wants to hear your voices!” – Jess

Once she gets all the girls to agree to sign up they begin their march to headquarters only to shortly overhear the girls talking about Ivanka Trump’s shoes and discover they are all Trump supporters. CeCe and Jess book it.

The episode concludes with CeCe coming clean to Schmidt and Jess that she doesn’t want to go back to college and Jess supposedly having to vote for Winston at the election.

Loftable Mentions:

  • Schmidt learning of the loft’s “old mail, soy sauce, dead-battery” drawer.
  • Winston being in the room with Nick for moral support during phone sex and refusing to leave when Reagan finds out.
  • Winston finally leaving the room only to return and ask Nick if he wants to get brunch with this buddy Willy the next day.
  • Nick ordering $200 in Chinese food after the Aly debacle.


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