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‘New Girl’ Recap ‘Jaipur Aviv’

Published on October 19th, 2016 | Updated on October 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

Elections, glamping, and crossovers be gone! New Girl is back at what it has usually done best: putting just our 5 lofties together in a loft (or in this case a house) and letting the shenanigans ensue. When I first started recapping this season I had a feeling that some of the strongest episodes would come from Schmidt and CeCe’s new house and this episode certainly delivered. With excellent humor and razor sharp writing, ‘Jaipur Aviv’ was by far my favorite episode this season.

Let’s dive right in.

New Roommate

This week the gang is helping Schmidt and CeCe strip the wallpaper in their new house, which they have named Jaipur Aviv to symbolize both a Jewish and Indian household. This means that the remaining three need to think about getting a new roommate. Apparently the think the loft is “way too big” for three people and could use the extra cash since they are currently receiving 5 rent payments right now.


Nick suggests that his girlfriend Reagan move in. This way they get the rent but Jess will be able to fulfill her desire to turn the 4th room into a multi-purpose room, and since she already knows everyone they won’t have to do their Winston Orientation. Jess is in full support of this despite the fact that she has just agreed to let her ex-boyfriend’s (who she’s still in love with) new girlfriend move in with them. She wants Nick to be happy though so she says she will do whatever she can. Later at the house Nick calls an Off Site Loft Meeting and proposes the idea. Jess lets everyone know that they will have a blind vote and that it must be unanimous.

The first vote goes as followed: 3 YAY and 2 NAY

Getting the Votes

Round One: Schmidt and Winston

Jess and Nick have concluded that Schmidt and Winston are the two NAYS so Jess agrees to help Nick whip the votes in his favor.

First up is Schmidt. Schmidt voted no because he thinks that Reagan moving in would overlap with them still being in the house since she wouldn’t need her own room and is moving back before they  are out in 6 months. So he offers Jess the following conditions to switch his vote to which Nick agrees.

  • As a symbolic gesture, Reagan cannot list the loft as her official residence.
  • When asked where Nick and Reagan live the two must say the following: “Geez, beats us, we’re just dumb kids living paycheck to paycheck. Thank gosh for our upwardly mobile friends Schmidt and Cece and the three guest rooms in their loft. We’re crashing with them until we get our lives together and will remain there at their pleasure.”
  • Schmidt gets to buy Nick a pair of jeans.

Next up is Winston. He offers the following conditions:

  • Nick and Reagan will have to spend a mutually agreed upon amount of time with Winston’s cat, Ferguson. You see, Ferguson has only been exposed to interracial couples and “while Winston views this as progress, he knows that it’s not an accurate portrayal of the world.”
  • Winston would like to be the first person to see Nick in his new jeans and he will see Nick under these circumstances only: Descending a grand, spiral staircase as Winston waits at the bottom, weeping with pride, holding Nick’s new belt.

Nick reluctantly agrees to those conditions as well.  The group then gathers for their second vote. This time the vote is as followed: 3 YAYs and 1 NAYTurns out that Winston originally had voted YAY and thought that Jess was just being thoughtful. That leaves CeCe.


Round Two: CeCe

CeCe knows that Jess is being a good friend to Nick by being supportive about Reagan but knows that she wouldn’t be being a good friend to Jess if she let her do it. Jess is able to convince CeCe that all she wants right now is for Nick to be happy. She will deal with the other stuff as it comes. CeCe agrees to vote YAY but only if Nick and Raegan don’t do anything physical outside of their room. She still has to protect her girl somehow. They all reconvene for the next vote: again 3 YAY and 1 NAY…so that leaves:

Round Three: Nick


Yes, after all of Jess’ “whipping” on his behalf Nick ends up voting NAY at the last minute. He’s worried that once he asks her she will either say “no” or say “yes” and then end up regretting. Oddly enough, neither one of his reasons has anything to do with being afraid of the commitment. Jess tells him that she supports him either way but he has to be the one to decide. Ultimately he decides to YAY.

Design Woes

Meanwhile, Schmidt and CeCe are dealing with their different tastes in interior design. It’s not called decorating because according to Schmidt ” a home is not a Christmas cookie.” When CeCe suggests a bathroom wall color to Schmidt he pretends to like it even though he thinks it looks like a third world country doctor office. He tells Winston that every perfect thing has a flaw and he can look past the the wall color. That is until CeCe wants to get a bamboo fan for over their bed and a “La Cucaracha” doorbell.


When he finally tells her, very over-dramatically, how he is feeling about everything she goes on to tell him that they need to learn how to compromise. However, throughout the conversation she realizes that this is going to be a hard thing for him to compromise and explains that not all compromises have to be 50/50. She tells him that he can take over the interior designing. and in the end she gets her doorbell.


Daddy’s Long Leg & The Keepers of the 5 Secrets

Nick and Winston are paired up again this week. Throughout the day Winston keeps getting that feeling like he had been in this house before. Eventually a light bulb goes off and he realizes that it is the house that his favorite porno, Daddy Long Leg, was filmed in. So he goes to Nick to tell him. They both decide that Schmidt can never find out about it but that’s going to be a problem for them.

Nick and Winston have a Secret Vault that can only contain 5 secrets- they call themselves The Keepers of the 5 Secrets. The vault is currently at capacity with 5 (although Nick thought it was only 4, but that’s because he always forgets “Lost Umbrella”). So, before they decide which secret they are going to have to tell Schmidt in order to make room for Porn House, they need more proof. Winston then goes around the house taking photos with the lofties in suggestive positions for comparisons.


Later that evening Nick and Winston decide that it is in fact the house. They agree to tell Schmidt the secret of Halloween 2004 in order to make room. So, Winston goes out to tell Schmidt and right before he does (“something unpleasant about some candy you ate many years ago”) Nick notices that the Space Needle is in the background of one scene of Daddy Long Leg. He rushes out to tell Winston to stop. The Secret Vault remains intact.

Was I the only one that wishes we got to hear what the other secrets were including “Duck Duck Gavin,” “Jalapeno 19,” and “Upper Deck Timeshare”? I am looking forward to more episodes like this with the gang working on the house together. I think that adding Reagan back into the mix will be a really fun addition as well and will certainly help move along that whole Jess being in love with Nick story.

Until next week folks!


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