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New ‘Flash’ Promo Teases Barry’s Return

New Flash Promo Teases Barry’s Return

In the newest teaser for Season 4 of The Flash, Barry is back. But he may not be the Barry that we know and love.

In the Season 3 finale, Barry sacrificed himself to the Speed Force in order to stabilize it following Savitar’s demise. He succeeds in doing so, but that means that he is now trapped. In the promo, Barry suddenly appears, and is instantly in a position where he needs to save Iris’ life. But he seems very different. He looks tired and almost appears to be channeling some of his Savitar self. Cisco wants to get him back into the suit, which he has made further improvements to, but Barry doesn’t seem to want to.

The Speed Force isn’t forgiving, so Barry has probably gone through a lot since stepping into it last season. What did he experience? Is he somehow changed and feeling what his other self felt as he spiraled into the Savitar persona?

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 10, on The CW.

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