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New Collaborations Coming To Fortnite

Published on February 3rd, 2022 | Updated on February 3rd, 2022 | By FanFest

It’s about to get a lot more fun in the wilds of Fortnite’s Battle Royale Island.

The modern music superstars bringing classically fun back to the contemporary soul scene as Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, are now officially participating in the game with an outfit pack constructed on their collaboration. The Fortnite looks will follow the same retro ’70s styles featured in their music videos, with matching accessories.

While you may acquire both costumes in a bundle, the Bruno Mars outfit includes a “Sound Scepter Pickaxe” harvesting tool that doubles as Back Bling (aka Fortnite’s backpack-like cosmetic items) when not in use. There’s also a “Freedom Wheels” emote, as well as a mysterious (and no doubt on-brand for Silk Sonic) “reactive style” feature for each costume.

On February 10, when the item shop reopens that night at 7 p.m. ET, the Silk Sonic pack will be available in Fortnite. Dedicated fans will have a chance to acquire them early; Monday, Feb. 7’s “Silk Sonic Cup” event starts with players who score at least 8 points and compete to unlock.

Not only that, but Silk Sonic will be making its entrance into the world of Fortnite one week earlier on Feb. 3, which is today if you’re reading this now! You may also come across different coins and materials at the time of the introduction of new Icon Radio station within the game. This is when things begin to get really interesting for me: Icon Radio’s host will be none other than Bootsy Collins, the bass-slapping P-Funk legend and Silk Sonic collaborator. This isn’t a huge step for Collins, who looks back on a simpler time for video games in his statement about the announcement. “Back in the day I was crazy about arcade games, so being able to bridge the worlds of music and gaming with Fortnite is very exciting — both worlds offer players a great way to come together and relax.”

That’s the strange thing about Fortnite, isn’t it? It’s a competitive shooter, but it’s also a strangely laid-back and sociable experience between more thrilling moments. I’m still relatively new to Epic Games’ take on the wildly popular battle royale sub-genre. The energy it emits so effectively is what keeps me coming back, but I’ve also come to appreciate how simple it is to have lengthy conversations with friends while we’re playing a gun-filled online game.

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