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Netflix Casts James Scully and Jenna Ortega For ‘YOU’ Season 2

Published on February 1st, 2019 | Updated on February 2nd, 2019 | By FanFest

Things are starting to come together for season 2 of Netflix’s latest binge-worthy hit, You. While any specific details about the plot are still up in the air, the series has been quickly casting new characters who come with their own set of hints about what to expect. Most recently, it was announced that Haunting of Hill House’s Victoria Pedretti had been cast to play Joe’s next love interest, Love Quinn – an aspiring chef working as a produce manager in a high-end grocery store who is very uninterested in the world of social media.

Now, according to TVLine, two more actors have climbed aboard the stalker-murder train. James Scully, who recently starred in Paramount’s Heathers series has been cast to play Forty Quinn, Love’s brother. Forty is “confident, opinionated and privileged — at his best, a charming buddy; at his worst, a razor-sharp bully. He has been relying heavily on his sister throughout his 12-step program, but it never takes much for him to fall back off the wagon.” Forty seems like the kind of helpless character that Joe will have no problem taking down should he come between him and Love.

Image result for J.D. heathers paramount gif
Scully on ‘Heathers’

Additionally, Jane the Virgin’s Jenna Ortega will be joining the cast as Ellie, “a teenager who grew up fast in the big city.” While Ellie may seem like Paco 2.0 in the fact that she’s young and “living with minimal adult supervision or nurturing in her life,” she may be the only one to give Joe a run for his money as she “isn’t afraid to get into murky waters to make a little cash. This includes working cons on adults around her, including Joe Goldberg.”

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Ortega on ‘Jane the Virgin’

Adapted for television from the Caroline Kepnes novel of the same name, season one of You, which originally debuted on the Lifetime Network, followed a young bookstore clerk named Joe who used his savvy internet know-how (aka stalking abilities) to make Guinevere Beck fall in love with him while taking care of any obstacles standing in their way.

Since the first season followed the entirety of Kepnes’ novel,  Netflix’s sophomore season will loosely follow her second book titled Hidden Bodies. Prior to the move, Lifetime did tease that “Joe will head to Los Angeles and venture into even riskier, bolder territory as he faces the darkest parts of his past as he tries to make a future for himself and the woman he loves.”

Are you excited for You season 2? Do you think Joe will get away with things one more time? Let us know!



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