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What Does Negan’s Future on ‘The Walking Dead’ Hold?

Published on December 16th, 2018 | Updated on December 17th, 2018 | By FanFest

With all the drama surrounding who really left Negan’s cell door open and unattended, there’s one question that no one is asking. What will happen now that Negan is free? There’s some choice comic book panels I have seen the past couple of months that provide a path for Negan to walk down, but what occurs in the comics does not men it will occur on the show. The comic spoilers differ from the show and why I typically do not mind taking a quick glance ahead into the future with the comics. However, because I have heard through comic grapevine rumors about the lack of Negan in the comics I’m curious about what Negan’s future holds on The Walking Dead. I’m not alone in my thoughts either.

Showrunner Angela Kang’s sentiments mirror my own on Morgan’s talents needing to be unleashed instead of remaining in a jail cell. “Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been cooped up in a cell all season, and even though he’s doing an amazing job in there, we’re going to get to see him out and about in the world. We’ll see the start of a larger story for Negan as a result of that.”

Has his time in jail essentially changed Negan for the better? Will he start thinking of others in a way and even those who have kept him prisoner as allies or foes again? Negan’s time behind bars was one that lead to some of the most dynamic scenes with other cast members in the beginning half of season nine. No one can deny the power within the scenes where Maggie finally confronts Negan, Father Gabriel’s recent talk with him, or when he insists that he and Michonne are far more alike than not. While the show has examined so much this season I am curious to see what relationships and growth Negan will show now that he’s a free man.

After all, Angela Kang stated:

“We’ve also seen that he was at the lowest of the low point earlier in the season, was suicidal. We’ve also seen that he has a particular relationship with Judith Grimes [Cailey Fleming] that seems like pretty friendly and nice. And so, all of these things are kind of churning within Negan, and that’s part of his story going forward. So I think that there’s some interesting twists and turns to be had with Negan one way or the other.”

With the glance of Negan visiting the Sanctuary in the latter half of season nine, one has to wonder whether he plans on making the place a home for himself again or not. Will he join forces with The Whisperers now that he’s free or will he find them volatile in comparison to himself? Better yet could Negan become embraced by the various characters we have come to know and love over the past nine seasons? There’s so many ways Negan’s storyline could play out, but I for one would love for Carl’s future to come into fruition. I imagine Judith insisting that Negan is not as bad as he claims to be and joining forces with those who have rebuilt Alexandria and made it a true community again. Who can ignore Rick Grimes daughter?

Maybe I want the ideal scenario for this character because I have also explored his world in the comics and know his backstory.  While our other characters have been through so much, Negan has been through the wringer as well.  The thought of Father Gabriel and everyone else making headway with his mindset over his prison sentence brings me joy.  I imagine a Negan who is on the so-called good side of the apocalypse.  Whether this comes true is up to the writers though.  I for one would love to see Negan saving Michonne or Daryl.  Only time will tell the path the most complicated character on The Walking Dead will take.

What do you imagine for Negan’s future?  Do you think the prison stint caused him to become a better person?  Do you think he’s the same ‘ol Negan we met back at the end of season six?  Let us know in the comments below.

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