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Negan Is Changing In Season 11 Of The Walking Dead!

Published on August 2nd, 2021 | Updated on August 7th, 2021 | By FanFest

Negan has been one of the biggest hit or miss (heh) characters on The Walking Dead. From the moment he stepped out of that trailer and killed Glenn, fans have either loved him or hated him. Well, Negan is evolving in the final season of The Walking Dead!

Negan was actually in the spotlight in the final bonus episode of season 10. They finally adapted his origin story from the ‘Here’s Negan’ one shot that released once The Walking Dead ended.

The episode was widely regarded as one of the best of season 10, and it looks like Negan might be ready to move on. Jeffrey Dean Morgan teased at Comic-Con that Negan is going to evolve in season 11.

The following is a quote from the actor from during the Comic-Con event, via

“I don’t know if [‘Here’s Negan’] will ever sway the people that hate Negan. I think they’re just always gonna hate Negan. I think if there were people on the fence, that may have turned them a little bit, but I think the opportunity to do that and tell that story was exceedingly special.”

He went on to say, “I think there’s definitely an evolution of Negan. But I would be hard-pressed to say that old Negan will ever disappear, I think that will always be a part of who he is. But I think that at this point, he is trying everything he can to kind of fit in with this group of people. And I think he was doing okay until Maggie came back, and now it’s a whole new ball game for him, and one that he’s trying to figure out. But I think at a certain point, there’s just too much tension between the two of them. So we’ll see what happens.”

The Walking Dead is back on August 22 on AMC, or August 15 if you have AMC+!

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One thought on “Negan Is Changing In Season 11 Of The Walking Dead!

  1. I’m one that hated Negan in the beginning!! However, he redeemed himself (well, writers did) and now I’m on his side. I know that dark side is still there, but it looks like on the surface he’s only using that dark side for good now. Unfortunately Maggie may upset the apple cart completely where the new nicer Negan is concerned. Only episodes will tell!! Can’t wait!!!!!!


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