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Negan Heads to Michonne’s House in ‘The Walking Dead’ Sneak Peek

Published on November 27th, 2018 | Updated on November 28th, 2018 | By FanFest

Caution: Contains spoilers for the mid-season finale of season of The Walking Dead.


During the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, our people lost control in several ways. The Whisperers came out to reveal themselves, costing Jesus his life, and Gabriel left the prison gate open, allowing Negan to waltz right out into the world.

He’s been cooped up for six years. He most likely has an axe to grind.

A new clip which aired after the mid-season finale shows Negan moments after stepping out of his cell. In the comics, he goes and meets The Whisperers, but since they aren’t completely in view yet, he heads directly to the house he knows as Rick Grimes’. He is holding a shovel as he stalks towards the house in true Mike Myers fashion and the Mike Myers theme song s played as an homage to Halloween.

Do you think Negan is trying to kill Rick and his loved ones, or is the shovel for defense?

Speaking to Jeffrey Dean Morgan earlier this season, he told us that Negan is a broken man. He was also excited about having scenes with characters he’d never spent time with before.

That said, though, I’m getting to work with some actors I’ve never gotten to work with on the show, which is a joy. I usually work with Andy, or people who are on for an episode and then we kill em. Negan didn’t really have any buddies on the show. So now, getting the chance to have back-to-back scenes with some characters that the audience loves has been kind of special.

Perhaps we can get ready to see more on that in 9B. Goodness knows the Whisperers are going to cause enough trouble for everyone.

The Walking Dead returns February 10th on AMC.


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