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NBC’s Red Nose Day Special Highlights Children in Need

Published on May 24th, 2018 | Updated on May 25th, 2018 | By FanFest

NBC’s Red Nose Day aired at 10 pm on May 24th to audiences around the US. The special, not only kept us up to date with donations being raised through the night but shared stories of the children those donations were helping.

The special opened up with a little segment where some of the actors and actresses opened up about their ‘first time’. You can see the clip and all of the laughs in the video below.

Then, the stories got very real.

A little boy named Divine was showcased first, starving and in poverty, but a time lapse showed that Divine had grown into a flourishing baby. One who benefited from Red Nose Day

Ed Sheeran shared a story about Peaches, a little girl he met in West Africa plagued by the Ebola epidemic. He was inspired by her story and her singing, encouraging viewers to donate to help her get the proper education to work towards a better life.

Lauren Graham shared a video in Puerto Rico, showing the devastation from Hurricane Maria first hand. Hard to watch is an understatement. A young woman, Gabriella, took viewers on a tour of her home, ravaged by the hurricane, and it’s barely holding on.

Connie Britton also shared the story of street children in Uganda, a heartbreaking tale of a young boy who became an orphan after the loss of his mother. We didn’t make it through that segment without crying, or without wanting to do our part to make a difference.

For each highlighted child, hundreds of thousands have very similar stories. Each donation made will help bring a brighter light to the lives of those who need it so desperately. You can find out how to help now and you’ll also see information on how to start your own fundraiser for Red Nose Day in 2019.



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