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National ‘Red Rose’ Day Special: What does each Rose Color Mean?

Published on June 12th, 2017 | Updated on June 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

Today we celebrate National ‘Red Rose’ Day, in addition to National ‘Loving’ Day. While the Red Rose is the most notable type and color of flower to express one’s love for someone they truly care about, there are actually many different colors of roses that one can buy for their special someone!

So what does each color rose mean? We’ve researched and gathered a list, just for you! Be sure to send your special someone a rose today on this precious day!


Red roses are the traditional symbol for love, romance, and will always be a way to say “I love you.” The red rose has also reflected beauty and perfection. Deep or dark red roses can reveal an unconscious beauty.


Words like admiration, gentleness, grace, gladness, joy and sweetness are just a few ways to describe the meaning behind the pink rose. A pink rose can also convey happiness, gracefulness and admiration.


Bright, cheerful and joyful are what come to mind when thinking of a yellow rose. Yellow roses create warm feelings and provide happiness. Giving yellow roses can tell someone the joy they bring you and the friendship you share.


White roses, the purist of colors, represent innocence, purity and charm. White roses are traditionally used in weddings and can represent new beginnings. We believe that white roses can also express remembrance and innocence.


Orange roses evoke energy, and can indicate enthusiasm, desire and excitement. Giving orange roses can symbolize your passionate romance and share your excitement of the relationship with your loved one.



Sources: Passion Growers, Pro Flowers

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