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Naomi Just Started Filming At The CW! Say Hello To Your New Black Superhero Courtesy Of Ava DuVernay!

Published on August 24th, 2021 | Updated on August 24th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Arrowverse is getting another player when it adds Naomi to its ever-growing universe! Naomi is kind of a big deal, having been created by Brian Michael Bendis. Bendis is the man who created Miles Morales who is growing in popularity. So much so he’s starting to rival Peter Parker! Naomi just started filming at The CW and Ava DuVernay gave us the first look at filming!

So, as we mentioned above Naomi was created by the same man who created Miles Morales. Naomi was set to be a major player in the DC Universe. To my knowledge, however, she hasn’t been seen in some time. Not in any major capacity. I could be wrong about that though, and I’m sure if I am the comments will let me know.

Naomi was announced alongside a Wonder Girl series that would have featured the new Wonder Woman introduced during the Future State event in DC Comics. Yara Flor would have headlined the series, and it had some real potential. Unfortunately, Wonder Girl was canceled early on. Luckily, Naomi survived.

Ava DuVernay shared a post on Twitter showing the show was starting to film! DuVernay is both writing and executive producing the upcoming series. We’ve seen the star, Kaci Walfall, in her Naomi attire. She actually recreated a Naomi comic cover in a photo!

Very little is known about Naomi so far. It’s not like the series has a ton of source material to pull from either, so it’ll be interesting to see. Now that Naomi has just started filming, it’s only a matter of time now until we see a trailer and more photos!

We’ll be looking forward to seeing Naomi join the Arrowverse, and hopefully, she can make it to one of the crossovers in the future! Naomi should be hitting The CW early on in 2022!

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