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Mysterious ‘Jurassic World’ Poster goes viral on Twitter

Published on April 23rd, 2016 | Updated on April 23rd, 2016 | By FanFest

Jurassic World, the
sequel to the Steven Spielberg directed
Jurassic Park, was an
absolutely major success all across
the board. It
scored a world-wide gross total of $1.67 Billion at the Box
Office, and even
broke the
record for biggest opening weekend with a whopping $208.8 Million. It

didn’t take too long for the sequel to
be announced, and until today, social
media has been lying pretty low in
regards to the upcoming

social media went abuzz when a fan-
Twitter account for
film posted the following tweet below.

Bloggers and fans grew extremely excited,
that we finally had a piece
of information in regards to the anticipated sequel.
However, the theory
that this was a tease for the
eventual title reveal of
the Jurassic World follow up turned out to
be wrong, and the Twitter has

since clarified that it has something to do with a new website. (Sad


However, in regards to
the film- there are still no details on the
plot of the sequel and the only
cast known to be returning are
Chris Pratt and
Bryce Dallas Howard. It was recently announced that J.A.
Bayona would be taking
over as
the sequels director. Colin Trevorrow (director of Jurassic
will be extremely busy this
upcoming year, as his duties will be
taking him to direct the upcoming
Star Wars Episode IX .
However, Colin
will be co-writing the script for the Jurassic World
sequel with his
partner, Derek Connolly and has said, in regards to the film:

“[It will
not be] just a bunch of dinosaurs
chasing people on an island. That’ll get
old real fast. I feel like the
that this isn’t always going to be limited to theme parks, and there
applications for this
science that reach far beyond

Hmm… could that
mean that the dinosaurs will be

leaving the island? Just like in Jurassic Park 2?

Jurassic Park 2: The Lost

untitled sequel to Jurassic
scheduled to hit theaters June 22, 2018. Stay
tuned for more
updates on
the upcoming sequel!

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2 thoughts on “Mysterious ‘Jurassic World’ Poster goes viral on Twitter

  1. This is not a teaser for the
    movie, and it was not even tweeted

    from the official JW page. That is a fan page teasing a new website name.
    correct your information
    so that you don’t misinform more people.


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